Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Brave Conquest Tips and Tricks

Brave Conquest tips presented below are entirely based on the experience of yours truly. I like this game and I will continue to play it, while these tips and tricks are something I’ve managed to figure out so far. I will only talk about things I’ve tried out, especially the Heroes, and I will update the content later on. The main portion of this tips and tricks article will be dedicated to spending gold, positioning your army, and heroes I’ve tested out, so enjoy.

Best Heroes

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Ice Queen

Without having tried all of the heroes, your humble writer has concluded from his matchmaking experience that most people level up and use the Grand Huntress and the Ice Queen. Their AOE damage-intensive abilities are great for plowing through clamped up enemies. However, I did not get the Ice Queen and would not use her anyway for the simple reason of her attack nature. Sure, she does AOE and slows enemy movement speed, but if enemy units are not clamped up, she’s not that effective.

The Grand Huntress

Grand Huntress, on the other hand, can be used to her full potential over 80% of the time. However, it is important to anticipate enemy movement and positioning the right way. I’ve found that most of the time, it is best to start with positioning your Grand Huntress at the sides of the battlefield. If she is set up to move parallel with your front row armies, once enemy formation clashes with yours, she will have a vertical line of enemy units positioned perfectly for her volley – Arrow Stream. However, she does lose effectiveness if an enemy Hero attacks her in melee, or if an enemy Hero is the first unit that enters her range, which means the Grand Huntress will stop advancing and the edge of her volley ability won’t reach unites behind the hero.

The Vampire Lord

I was fortunate enough to draw the Vampire Lord from the Gold Chest. He is quite squishy but has excellent damage. However, it is his Summon Bats ability that makes him strong. He summons 5 bat familiars at the chosen area to attack the enemy for 15 sec. Bats become targets and enemy units will have to deal with them. Also, the cooldown of the ability is quite fast, so you will have 10 or more bats deployed at any given time. And, the bats do not stay in the area the Vampire Lord summons them but will traverse the battlefield to the nearest enemy, if their initial target is down.


I’ve had the fortune of getting Wolfina early on and also evolving her. Uncommon quality Wolfina gets the Lycanthropy ability, which transforms her into a wolf. She gets a huge ATK and HP absorption boost with Berserk for attack speed, lasting 8 seconds. She is thus ideal for dispatching enemy heroes and works excellent in a comp with the Grand Huntress, who takes care of enemy formations with her Arrow Stream. Her only weakness is CC, so be careful not to activate her Lycanthropy right before an enemy hero, like the Paladin, stuns you as you will waste the CD.


Quests are tightly connected to your supply i.e. Storehouse and Farms. Quests award a tremendous amount of all of the game’s currencies, so it is important to manage them efficiently. But to do so, you need to manage your production and Storehouse perfectly. In this regard, you must devote some of your attention to what materials will you need for the quests available to you currently. If you simply sow, harvest, and make items in frenzy, you will likely end up clogging the production when you fill up your Storehouse while at the same time missing the items you need for your current quests. This is why it is a good idea to check the quests and produce the stuff you need for them at the moment.

Of course, you can expand the Storehouse, but I’ve found it tricky to find Expansion Items, especially Paint. However, some items or products, like Watermelons and Corn, are not that high in demand, so focus your production on Wheat and Pumpkins for Mead and Pumpkin Pies since these are almost always needed for a quest. Also, Lumber and Iron are much more sought after than Leather in mid-game.


Undoubtedly the most important question everyone will face is which units to level up, assuming army strengths and weaknesses are clear to you. In the battlefield, positioning your units right is just as important as using the right type or having a strong level. It is then important to know the unit’s special ability and plan. While it is obvious how to position your flying cavalry to jump over the enemy front line onto the ranged unit composition, this is also easily countered and you can bypass this tactic and use an alternative method.

For instance, if an enemy has Infantry placed in the first lines and rangers in the back, you can use normal charging Cavalry that will ram the front lines onto their rangers and clump the units together. Then, you can use any number of AOE effects to tip the scales even if you used Cavalry that’s weaker against Infantry. In the example below, I was facing 3 Infantry and 2 Support battalions, and I’ve still chosen to go with 2 Cavalry with charge and 2 ranged. Once my chargers knocked back enemy Infantry to close to their support, I’ve used Freeze on one side, Heal on the other, and supported my army with my heroes as best I could. The result was two stars, but it was a tough challenge for my level back then.

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Army Positioning

When surrounded by enemy units, it is best just to answer them with brute force as best you can. If the enemy is both behind and in front of you, just spread the units of your choice. In the example given, I’ve matched every 2 enemy Infantry battalions with one of my own. I’ve also chosen to deploy one Ranged battalion which I have placed at the very center of my formation, so it’s protected from all sides by my Infantry units. Also, pitted against enemy 4 battalions is my Melee hero, Wolfina, while The Grand Huntress is at the edge, waiting for enemy units to get arranged in a line so that I can use her Arrow Spray to the best way possible.

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

 As far as my spells go, I will wait to see how my army decides to position before I use spells. In this match, all of my infantry battalions have had some help from either my Heroes or my one Ranged battalion, all except one, which was facing two enemy battalions. I’ve chosen to use both of my spells to support that one. It worked like a charm and I easily won 3 stars.

When facing an enemy hero with only Support units in their backline, one might be inclined to go all Cavalry, but this might not be the best course of action. Assuming you factor in Hero abilities, going all Cavalry can be wrong because Cavalry is not best suited to fight against enemy Heroes. In the example below, I’ve gone with a mixed composition, letting two Cavalry units deal with enemy Supporters, while my infantry and ranged go for the hero. Infantry has a chance to stun on hit, which is priceless in this respect. However, in this fight, one more enemy Hero joined the fight from behind and attacked my rangers, so I used my spells to support them and got away with 2 stars.

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Spending Gold

Now, this may be the most important question of all – Should you save or should you spend, and what on? In my experience, having gold is as important as having Medals and even Diamonds. Resources in Brave Conquest are aplenty, so there is no point in going over them all. There is one common factor you need to consider when spending them all, and that is the experience. In later stages of the game, you will need a tremendous amount of resources, but if you save now you will need God knows how long to get there because spending Gold levels you up.

So, it seems to me it is a matter of choosing what to invest in and stick to it. As you can see on the photo, I’ve chosen to focus on four heroes which I think suit my playstyle best: Wolfina, Paladin, Grand Huntress, and Vampire Lord. However, as leveling becomes increasingly expensive, I might just focus on Wolfina and the Grand Huntress.

Brave Conquest Best heroes

The photo below shows my unit levels and here, I’ve done the same as with heroes. I’ve chosen a few units I think work best in the widest variety of situations and I’ve chosen to focus on leveling them. I will keep leveling Royal Knights, Royal Cavalry, Royal Airborne, and Royal Gunners. Also, I will stick to the Royal Legion. I already got a Pirate Guild and a Goblin Thieves unit but I won’t spend resources on them. Only perhaps a small amount if I lack experience for my main profile.

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Lastly, you may feel inclined to trade Medals for Gold or vice versa when the merchant arrives, but I strongly advise against it. You can never know which of the two will run out on you when you get to later stages of Brave Conquest and, besides, side-quests award almost the same amount you get with one trade, just invest time in working your farms, restaurant, blacksmith, and Factories. And, any bonuses from the Cathedral should be ignored until you get to the end game.

Stay Tuned

Brave Conquest mobile is a game that offers tons of features and potential pathways. Sure, it does offer in-game purchases, but it was my impression all packs offered are much too expensive. And, besides, I’ve never paid real money for resources in any game that I’ve played, so I insist on finding ways to do stuff on my own. And, this game certainly does that. Just play your cards right and you can enjoy it on a competitive level without spending a dime.