Brawl Stars Launching Globally In A Month

Brawl Stars to Launch Globally in a Month

It’s been quite a while since we heard anything about Supercell’s Brawl Stars, but now we finally know when to expect the game. In a month, the game will be available for Android and iOS devices globally.

Brawl Stars is a brawler as you already guessed or noticed from the trailer, although you probably already saw the announcement for the game made last June. Currently, the game is available in some countries via App Store, like Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong and Norway among others. With so many game modes to play and collect gems, coins and try some odd version of soccer, it’s a shame if you had to wait for the worldwide release. Just like in similar games, each character is unique and can help your gameplay with their abilities.

You can play solo or with friends, it all depends on which mode will you choose and find interesting. Throughout the game, it’s important to level up so you can upgrade your characters and unlock some cool new items and abilities. Some of the interesting modes are Showdown which you can play solo or in duo to survive a battle royale, Bounty 3v3 squad fight and Heist another 3v3 play where you have to protect your safe and steal one of your enemies. Brawl Ball will let you try your soccer skills against the other team, and special events will make everything more interesting like fighting against robots in Robo Rumble or defeating a big boss in Boss Fight.

However, the game had some problems with its monetization system and didn’t achieve a big success as Supercell hoped for. It did have a really good start, but then all started to slow down and many believe that the global launch might help the game pull through. Let’s just hope that the developer took care of the monetization issues or it may continue to have problems.

You can pre-register for the game now from the official website and after 2 million sign-ups Brawl Stars will award everyone with one of the character’s, Star Shelly’s skin when it launches.