Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Review


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is finally out! Long after everyone’s favorite TV show ended, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile game is free-to-play and available to enjoy today. Tailored closely after the hit TV show, the game not only contains keenly resembling characters to the TV show, like Walter White and Jessie Pinkman but its gameplay is in detail showcasing all of the show’s glorious moments.


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile is a great base-builder strategy game that will definitely bring you back to Walter White’s world. While we wait for the movie, you can now enjoy this FTP App. In just a few days on Google Play, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Android has scored 3.8 stars from almost seven thousand votes. On the iTunes App Store, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements iOS scored 3.5 stars and is #27 in strategy.


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements release date, depending on your country or region, was between June 6 and June 10, 2019. It is everything that we hoped for and more. The entire project included FTX Games LTD, Sony Pictures, and PlayGames. But, most importantly, the developer’s brought in the creators of the Breaking Bad TV show in on the project. The result was a base-builder strategy mobile game that has the most likeness to its TV counterpart out of all similar game adaptations. From the characters and story setting, down to the very resource or mobile phone you use, everything in this game is exactly as it was seen on the show.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Story

As mentioned, the setting and the storyline in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile game follows the TV show closely. The gameplay is set at the point where Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg is at the height or his power. You come in as one of his business associates and a new member of his empire. You set up your own base of operations and work with the characters like Walter White, Jessie Pinkman, Saul Goodman, and Mike. You also cook the product exactly as seen on the show and gather your own gang.

You are set up in an RV, big surprise, but your base of operations quickly grows. You need to build it up, improve your buildings, hire guards, employ captains, and more, all the while cooperating with the show’s main cast. The endgame is to expand and take out the competition and become the new kingpin perhaps.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements gameplay

As a base-builder, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile is pretty detailed and cleverly related to the show. Firstly, your main building is the show’s signature RV which is also your lab. You cook various types of product, like white and later – blue. Now, blue is naturally the higher quality. However, your base of operations is much more than your lab. You need to set up guards, cash stashes, and even land mines. This is where this game functions like any other mobile strategy. Every player has its own base, you scout, attack, and pillage each other.

The TV show’s cast is involved in the gameplay closely. For instance, Saul Goodman gives you the burner phones that you use to recruit your captains. Saul Goodman TV show, Better Call Saul, is currently set up for season 5 due 2020. Mike is in charge of security and your army, while Walter gives you your gifts and helps your empire grow. The resources you use are Gold, Cash, Bricks, and of course the Product.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements graphics and appearance

This game really looks and feels like the Breaking Bad TV show. Every detail in it looks like it does there. Character models bear a close resemblance to their TV counterparts, as well as the resources and the way you conduct your business. It will certainly not test the limits of your Smartphone’s graphics but it is pleasant to behold and provides an immersive experience for the fans of the TV show.


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements mobile game is an awesome way to satisfy the fans before the movie comes out. While we wait for Better Call Saul season 5 or the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, both created of course by Vince Gilligan, this video game can help with the process. It paid homage to the show’s elements nicely and really does feel like you are a part of the Breaking Bad world.

7.0 Fair
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (7 Votes) 5.5