Marvel Strike Force New Heroes

Brotherhood of Mutants has arrived!

We didn’t wait long before FoxNext fulfilled their promise and released rest of Brotherhood of Mutants into the fray.

On Friday, 9th November 2018, Magneto, Pyro and Juggernaut showed up in Marvel Strike Force roster. Their release concludes the releasing of new Mutants and brings new grinding tasks in front of the players because it seems that Brotherhood team will be an unstoppable force which everyone will want to have at disposal. At first glance, new Heroes are not that strong, but if you carefully measure their effectiveness while they are together you came up with the realization that they are potentially the strongest team without any doubt.

Magneto, Pyro and Juggernaut On Marvel Strike Force

Juggernaut is a Mutant protector with very high Armor and ability to inflict enormous damage to primary and adjacent targets with his ultimate. The strength of his ultimate depends on the number of charges Juggernaut has. His taunt lasts 2 turns if Magneto is his ally and he receives Defense Up, Regeneration and Immunity upon casting it.


Pyro is a Brotherhood blaster who controls fire. All Pyro’s abilities are almost identical – he strikes primary and adjacent targets for a certain amount of damage and applies Bleed to all targets. His damage is not high but his ability to debuff a group of enemies with 2 or more Bleeds for at least 2 turns makes him very dangerous especially when he is with Magneto who can make that all enemies be adjacent to each other.

Pyro MSFMagneto is the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He is the one who utilizes their, someone would say, mediocre abilities into a force more powerful than anything seen in Marvel Strike Force until now. It is all about his ultimate! Magneto’s ultimate shift positions of enemy Heroes and pulls them near primary target making all enemies adjacent to the primary target. That means that Juggernaut ultimate, all Pyro’s skills, and Sabretooth ultimate strikes all targets. Above all that upon casting his ultimate and after positions are shifted, Magneto applies blind. Effect of Brotherhood synergy is not yet seen in action but if the descriptions are correct damage output of this team will be unbelievable.

Magneto MSF

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