Brown Dust Tier List

Brown Dust Tier List

Welcome to our Brown Dust Tier List! Here, you can find the overall ranking for 5-star mercenaries, divided into four distinct tiers: Legendary, Epic, Good, and Fair. We hope that this tier list might help you decide which mercenaries are worth investing in and which aren’t.

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Legendary Tier

Brown Dust Lucius
Brown Dust Refithea
Brown Dust Beliath
Brown Dust Angelica
Brown Dust Arkan
Brown Dust Venaka
Brown Dust Levia

Legendary Tier


Lucius is one of the toughest Brown Dust mercenaries since it is almost impossible to kill him and being the best tank earns him the top tier on our tier list. Besides a large health pool, Lucius can also heal himself every time he strikes an opponent (Soul Strike, which also buffs Lucius’ attack) and whenever he gets hit by the enemy (Masochism). More importantly, even if he gets killed, Lucius will instantly resurrect, activating Death Guard that has a very long duration and grants invulnerability to the next four attacks.


Refithea can instantly buff up allies, with her Glutti Bestowal, in 9-tile radius by raising their attack, critical rate, and damage reduction, while, at the same time, removing all debuffs. All of this makes her the best support mercenary in the Brown Dust and earns her a spot in the Legendary tier on our tier list.


Beliath can support her allies by slightly increasing their critical rate and damage. However, her true strength lies in her Skeleton Contract skill that will resurrect any ally that dies as Skeleton, which will also receive Death Guard for the next four hits and will explode upon death, dealing a significant amount of damage. All in all, Beliath is great for creating a very effective meat shield from fallen teammates, for the duration of the skill, possibly snatching a victory from the jaws of the defeat, and earning her a Legendary position on our Brown Dust Tier List.


Angelica is very tough for a warrior, because of her Permanent Curse Barrier that significantly reduces all incoming damage and reduces the stats of units that are attacking her. Besides that, Angelica’s base damage is quite high and can be further increased by Lethal Impact which deals a percentage of additional damage based on the enemy HP. In other words, the more HP the target has, the higher the Angelica’s damage will be. To top it all off, she’s also immune to debuffs and gets a top position on the Brown Dust Tier List.


Arkan is a very tanky mercenary, that is immune to debuffs, and receives a huge defense buff at the start of the match (Sacred Armor), but his defense gets progressively weaker with every passing turn. On the offensive side, Arkan ca deal a significant amount of damage with Armored assault skill, which increases his attack value depending on the amount of his total defense boost, up to 100%. This means that Arkan is one of the best Brown Dust mercenaries during the first two or three rounds of the match, but both his defense and offense will slowly go down if the battle drags on.


Venaka is a great support mercenary that can increase attack and critical damage to all allies within 5 tile range, while also healing a small percentage of their hp each turn. Besides that, her ability to buff up allies will significantly increase whenever an ally dies (Support Boost). After looking at her skills we can conclude that Venaka functions very well in longer PvE matches where she can keep her team buffed up and at full (or almost full) hp while they slowly take out enemies.


Levia’s Summon Demon is able to deal a tremendous amount of damage to a single, main target, while her additional damage is proportional to the enemy HP. The skill will also affect secondary targets in a cross shape (centered on the main target), dealing smaller damage, but usually enough to instantly kill them. Besides that, Summon Demon will (right before she attacks) grant Levia a significant, but short defense boost. Also, Levia is immune to debuffs, curses every opponent that attacks her by reducing his stats and heals herself through Masochism ability every time she takes damage. All in all, she has a powerful ‘nuke’ skill, alongside some defensive and debuffing skills which makes her a perfect candidate for the top tier of our Tier List.

Epic Tier

Brown Dust Alec
Brown Dust Asmode
Brown Dust Granhildr
Brown Dust Nartas
Brown Dust Seir
Brown Dust Valze
Brown Dust Velfern
Brown Dust Seto
Brown Dust Aaron


Alec has a permanent buff to his attack due to the bloody anger skill. More importantly, his Raging Strike deals additional fixed damage, that ignores most defenses, so it can be very effective even against opponents with 100% defense (Arkan, for example), and this skill (if upgraded) can also heal Alec whenever he kills an enemy. On top of that, Atrocious Wraith grants him significant damage increase whenever his HP is below 99%. Alec is also Immune to stuns, charms, silence, and other attack interference effects and that earns him an epic spot on our Brown Dust Tier List.


Asmode is a unique mercenary that debuffs and damages enemies by supporting them. He can decrease their defense, steal buffs and deal damage equal to a certain percentage of the enemy health. Asmode will also charm any opponent that attacks him, making him attack his allies or himself if there are no other enemies present in the same lane. Asmode is a unique support character that belongs to the Epic tier of our Brown Dust Tier list.


Granhildr has a very interesting skill called debuff relection that will, you guessed it, reflect all debuffs back to the enemy that is attacking her. Granhildr also reduces all incoming damage and increases her own for the amount proportionate to a percentage of enemy HP. Granhildr, with her high HP pool, can taunt all enemies, forcing them to attack her as long as the taunt lasts (10 turns). This skill can save some of the squishier allies and draw fire of the enemy spellcaster(s) away from your main team, and that’s why Granhildr is relatively high on our Brown Dust Tier list.


Nartas is a mage that debuffs enemies before attacking and deals a huge amount of damage, in a straight line, with his Ultimate Strike skill, while increasing his own defense for a set number of turns. To top it all off, he’s also immune to debuffing skills and belongs to the epic tier on our Brown Dust Tier list.


Seir is the Defender that applies Death Affliction to any mercenary that attacks her. The death affliction will deal serious amount of damage to the enemy once it expires or gets removed and more than twice that amount if Seir dies. If the enemy under the effect of Death affliction dies, Seir will get a large boost to her defense for a certain number of turns. Besides that, with the Death Affliction level 9+, she will also apply curse to the enemies that attack her, reducing all of their stats except health. Seir is also immune to all debuff skills and has Masochism skills that enable her to heal whenever she’s attacked by the enemy while also reducing all incoming damage. Finally, she also taunts all enemies forcing them to attack her for 10 turns. With her interesting set of skills, Seir has earned her place in the second-best tier on our Tier List.


Valzé is a mage that deals a huge amount of damage, in a straight line, due to her Bloody Bash skill (that also heals herself if upgraded) and Fatal Fury that boosts her Critical Rate. However, she also removes all buffs from her targets just before she attacks, while also gaining a Death Guard that protects her from 1 attack and lasts for 2 turns. Since she’s a very good ‘Nuke’ mages, she’s one of the high ranking characters on our Brown Dust Tier List.


Velfern casts Energy Guard, before the battle, that greatly increases the survivability of all allies within 9 tiles area. Velfern’s damage increases depending on two factors, the number of target’s debuffs and the total number of graves on the battlefield, so the more mercenaries die (both yours and opponent’s) the higher Velfern’s damage will be. Velfern also gets a huge defense boost for two turns right before he attacks, and the combination of protective spells and solid offensive capability earns him one of the top spots on our Brown Dust Tier list.


Seto has a Raging Strike that deals additional fixed damage while ignoring most defenses, so it can be very effective even against opponents with 100% defense (Arkan, for example), and this skill (if upgraded) can also heal Seto whenever he kills an enemy. Seto can counter-attack enemies (Fire Counter) dealing fixed additional burn damage and also sets them on fire for 5 turns. Furthermore, before the battle, Seto increases his agility and decreases incoming damage (Swiftness skill) and he is also immune to all attack interference skills. With all that said, he rightfully takes his place as one of the higher-ranked mercenaries on this Brown Dust Tier List.


First of all, Aaron has Sacred Reflective Counter skill that activates before the start of the battle, and reflects all damage back at the attacker (and granting bonus Crit Rate if upgraded), making it extremely useful against mages that generally have low HP and high attack. Aaron also heals himself every time after he gets attacked with the First Aid skill and reduces received damage with advanced First Aid skill. Alec can further increase his crit rate just before he attacks and he has a taunt skill that forces all enemies to attack him for a certain number of turns. All in all, Alec has a lot of health, but he is one of the more aggressive defenders that have solid DPS due to his counter attack and the high critical rate which earns him a high position on this Brown Dust Tier list.

Good Tier

Brown Dust Edin
Brown Dust Dalvi
Brown Dust Mamonir
Brown Dust Siegmund
Brown Dust Themis
Brown Dust Cecilia
Brown Dust Celia
Brown Dust Jin
Brown Dust Lillian
Brown Dust Michaela
Brown Dust Veronia
Brown Dust Floria
Brown Dust Foxy
Brown Dust Mary
Brown Dust Alec
Brown Dust Ventana
Brown Dust Zenith

Mercenaries in good Tier can still work very well in certain teams but aren’t as good overall as the ones in the Epic or Legendary Tier of this Tier list.

Fair Tier

Brown Dust Anubis
Brown Dust Barbara
Brown Dust Bathory
Brown Dust Christina
Brown Dust Deomaron
Brown Dust Dwen
Brown Dust Eleaneer
Brown Dust Elija
Brown Dust Elise
Brown Dust Glacia
Brown Dust Gunther
Brown Dust Rogan
Brown Dust Victor
Brown Dust Kaina
Brown Dust Kaoli
Brown Dust Lecliss
Brown Dust Taylor
Brown Dust Ymir

Fair Tier mercenaries are solid, and capable of performing their role, but should be replaced with stronger mercenaries once those become available.

I hope you enjoyed our Brown Dust Overall Tier List and that you found the information you were looking for. Feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.