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Brunhilda guide and AoV Tier List update

A new hero, Brunhilda is accessible(guide here) high mobility marksman able to place mines and turn into artillery.
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arena of valor tier list brunhildaupdateOnce the player base learns how to deal with her, how and when to engage/disengage, or how to save important control abilities for when she enters the Entrenchment mode, I expect Brunhilda to drop in value. For now Epic status is appropriate.

Brunhilda’s passive adds stacks (up to 5) which increase crit chance and attack damage. This makes her strong in prolonged fights and puts special importance on spending all of the ultimate charges in quick succession, as well as constantly attacking. Also, I must say that without some attack speed it is somewhat problematic to keep stacks from falling off as the duration is very short (1.5 sec currently).

Redeploy with its 80% initial movement speed and flat AD bonus is one of the best mobility skills in the game. It allows Brunhilda to quickly reposition and in all honesty, she needs that very much.

Sentry is mine-type of skill that deals damage, reduce the enemy armor and at the same time adds a shield to Brunhilda. This ability is the main reason for having Omni Arms in her build, enhanced attack on the target with reduced armor… you can see the potential.

Brunhilda’s ultimate, Entrenchment, transforms her into a stationary unit with increased range and splash radius of her attacks. It lasts for 15 seconds or 7 attacks, whichever ends first.

Overall, Brunhilda is a niche hero, overall good but against some team composition, she can be extremely vulnerable. She is particularly strong within siege composition, where the entire team is equipped to deal with enemies at a long-range, while capable of strong control at a short distance.

Also, Wiro position on our Arena of Valor Tier List dropped to underwhelming. It was the case for some time now that Wiro is fairly weak in comparison to other heroes. Thou his control is potent, the execution of it is somewhat clunky.

After several nerfs to Riktor in the past, we feel his influence dropped to the point his status moves from Epic to Good.

As for Butterfly, because new Enchantment system can be tailored to fit perfectly into her skillset with the health restored per kill, I am paying close attention how she behaves in today’s metagame and will modify her status if the improvement proves to be significant enough.

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