Build Your Cloud City in Big Company: Skytopia

Published at the beginning of August, Big Company: Skytopia is a simulation that lets you build your own city in the sky.  

Developed by Goodgame Studios, the game is available for iOS and Android systems and will have you working hand in hand with famous scientists in order to build Skytopia. The most brilliant minds in history like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie will help you with your endeavor.

When it comes to the gameplay, Big Company: Skytopia is not that different from typical city builder games. Just like in those, you have to collect the resources in order to build and advance. You will have to build factories and stores in order to produce and sell goods and products, as well as to trade.

Of course, you will also have to decorate your city and keep your citizens happy so you can have a successful society. Every success is cause for celebration so you can organize a parade, or you can even bet on the next achievement. By surrounding yourself with the brightest minds and the wealthiest people, you can invest in technological breakthroughs and inventions. By growing your fortune you will be able to upgrade and expand your city more.

Although you will have to complete challenges and quests, the gameplay is pretty easy to understand and straightforward. If you already played this type of games, then Big Company: Skytopia won’t surprise you or offer anything new. Nor does it try to be different from those games. This is the game you will know what to expect from right from the start and play deliberately because it’s familiar.

The visual aspect of the game is easy on the eye and I would dare say cute. It’s cartoonish in style, but perfectly fits the overall feel of the game. Although cities in the clouds have a special place in the pop culture, like Cloud City from Flash Gordon or the one from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, this one is also good enough to remember. Your Skytopia may not be as famous as those cities, but it will certainly make you proud when you hit the first milestone.

Be that as it may, Big Company: Skytopia is not a game for those who expect a wonder. This is one of the many simulation games that you had an opportunity to play in one setting or the other. However, if you need something that will keep you entertained without adding to your busy schedule or a stressful life, this is the perfect game. There is nothing more relaxing than owning your own haven in the skies to get to when things on the ground become too nerve-wracking.   

Big Company: Skytopia



There is nothing more relaxing than owning your own haven in the skies to get to when things on the ground become too nerve-wracking.   

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