Build Your Mayan Civilization in Tentlan

Tentlan is a browser-based real-time strategy developed by German studio Lionmoon founded by Irina Romanova and Jose Portoles in 2012. As veterans in the gaming industry, the pair wanted to create games that deliver free-to-play which is fair and not affecting the gameplay. And with Tentlan they certainly accomplished these principles.

The plot takes place in the ancient Mayan civilization in the pre-Columbian era. You start off with a small settlement in the rainforest and from there you have to create an empire. This is not an easy task since you will have to build your city and fight off other players who want to rule supreme. Or you can team up with other players and join a Tribe that will help you trade resources and becomes a stronger opponent. That is all up to you and your individual choice of gameplay.

Your tasks include building structures that will give you resources like cacao, corn, limestone, and obsidian, which are used for trade in the game. One of my favorite things is that you can also build an Observatory that will help you upgrade your civilization and give you an advantage over the enemies. After all, Mayan were famous for their consulting the gods and stars when faced with challenges.  

The graphics really suit the game and it’s obvious that developers wanted to respect the era they depict here as detailed as possible. The tutorial is excellent and will help you jump into the game mechanics right away, although the story helps with that as well. However, the game doesn’t offer any surprises and this can be a little off-putting for the serious gamers out there. There is a slight advantage for those players who use the shop, but that is the case with all free-to-play games, although here it’s at the bare minimum.

All in all, if you want to walk in the emperor’s shoes, give Tentlan a shot. The gameplay may not be original, but the story is entrancing and you will enjoy visiting the Mayan civilization before the conquistadors came and destroyed it all.