Call of Duty 4 Operation Grand Heist

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist Update is Groove, like the ‘70s

Call of Duty is a game series with a long and serious tradition, as everyone is undoubtedly aware of. Unlike many other gaming franchises who kept getting worse, CoD kept getting better and better. According to its fan base, which grew exponentially, this 15th entry Black Ops 4 is the franchise’s peak success, so far. After its release in October 2018, this is the game’s first big patch.

The Grand Heist released on February 19th 2019 and it featured ample new content and heavy bonus features, but with the core game virtually untouched. It seems there was little to be changed as the game’s developer Treyarch and publisher Activision followed the golden rule, which is – You Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken! SO, here is the announcement trailer in all its glory, in case you missed it:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Grand Heist

This big update came to PS4 initially and brought new characters, outfits, maps, and an action-packed new and exciting game style. The trailer, although lengthy, is just a short preview of the things in store.

Activision and Treyarch decided to bring back Outrider Specialist and also unveiled the Ghost Town map for the Blackout mode. Also, players with the Black Ops Pass will have access to new maps – Lockup and Casino. Also, they will get the Cosmic Silverback character for Blackout mode.

Two new modes are teased in the trailer – The Hot Pursuit and the One in the Chamber. They also teased more camos, vehicles, weapons, and outfits in development and something still untold coming for the Zombies mode, as a ghoulish entity charged the camera at one instant.

If you haven’t tried Black Ops 4 already, it is a collection of multiplayer modes Competitive MP, Blackout battle royale, and Zombies. It already did much to refresh the entire franchise and step away from the traditional Call of Duty style. The single player campaign was completely dropped out and instead the players can go on solo missions. However, Activision confirmed that they will follow-up the current multiplayer modes with a traditional campaign mode in 2019, with the precise release date still unknown. The rumored title for CoD 2019 campaign mode is Modern Warfare 4.

The media campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 featured voices from many famous actors and the appearance of the brilliant Peter Stormare, who is here to present the Operation Grand Heist update.

Operation Grand Heist is free and it rocks!

Besides bringing in new content for all playable modes, Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist features a ‘70s-styled heist theme with cosmetics, visuals, and personalization to match.


The Outrider

The Outrides is known to the hardcore fans of the franchise from Black Ops 3. She is known for stealth and precision, and her explosive longbow called Sparrow, with which she takes out her enemies from afar.


Ghost Town

Ghost Town is the biggest new area on the Blackout map, and it is a mix of Standoff from BO2 and Berries, which are old school maps from Modern Warfare and other earlier installations. The underground part is Zombies map Buried. While the Standoff map is known for its long-range combat availability, the underground part is a claustrophobic experience and will change the stakes. So, basically, the CoD team took a map from zombies and from the multiplayer mode and mashed them together, in a western-themed area – Ghost Town. The main game designed and art leads presented the map on the Call of Duty YouTube channel here:

Sneaky Loot Boxes – A Grand Heist of Our Wallets?

And, finally, the part than Activision ‘forgot’ to mention are the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 loot boxes. However, online detectives and protectors of the common folk are up to the challenge and already came to our aid. A lot of the high-profile sites have seriously condemned Activision in the past few months for its financial practice and policy, calling it anti-consumer and anti-workforce. This was targeted at 8% of their workers being laid off, which is around 800 workers now without jobs. And, the saga continues with this commercial in-game purchase option – the Reserve Crates.

CoD BO4 Operation Grand Heist Reserve Crates, i.e. loot boxes, can be purchased for CoD Points and they will come in packages of 3, at a price of 200 CoD points and this goes on top of the $50 cost for the Black Ops Pass and the $60 for purchasing the game.


Call of Duty Points Prices in USD:

  • 200 Call of Duty Points – $1.99
  • 500 Call of Duty Points – $4.99
  • 1100 Call of Duty Points – $9.99
  • 2400 Call of Duty Points – $19.99
  • 5000 Call of Duty Points – $39.99
  • 9500 Call of Duty Points – $74.99
  • 13000 Call of Duty Points – $99.99


Overview of Game Changes and Updates:

Merit Updates:

  • Merit score is now increased to x10, including the progression scaling
  • Merits are awarded more often, in a greater number of situations like the final placement of the match.


Armor Changes

  • Armor Level 1 increased to mitigate 25% of the damage
  • Armor Level 2 increased to mitigate 35% of the damage
  • Armor Level 3 increased to mitigate 50% of the damage
  • Additionally, the Armor Plate amount needed to fix the armor completely reduced to 5 (down from 10)



  • 9mm ammunition pickup now gives 50
  • 45 cal ammunition pickup now gives 50
  • Maddox RFB will have reduced swaying
  • VAPR-XKG will have reduced recoil on its first 2 shots and reduced sway
  • SWAT RFT will have its sway increased, damage reduced, and increased recoil for first two shots
  • Spitfire now has a reduced kill range for 6 hits
  • Saug 9mm now has a reduced re-centering speed, increased sprint-out period, and reduced movement speed, as it is with all the SMGs now
  • Daemon 3XB will have its sway increased and its kill range for 2-burst reduced
  • Same sway reduces are introduced to Hades, while Titan, VKM 750, and Zweihander all have re-center radius reduced.
  • Frag Grenades now have increased damage


Gameplay Updates:

  • Swap And Attach feature now allows players to attach all accessories on weapon pickup
  • If the inventory is full, you can now swap health items with other Equipment from the ground on pickup
  • Quick Equip will no longer show duplicate items
  • HUD updated to show a total item amount for that same slot
  • If you have maxed out on a particular ammo caliber, it will be grayed out in Stashes
  • Reworks of UI elements for Killed and downed