Call of Duty Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile release date was on October 1, and during this first week of gameplay players have already spun their own theories and suggestions about certain aspects of the game. Since it is an online multiplayer shooter, tips will generally concern guns while tricks are, however, oriented towards some game settings with the hopes of improving its FPS and performance. Lastly, while it has other modes, CoD Mobile tips and tricks are mostly oriented towards the battle royale mode naturally. Here is our sum of what we found and/or researched…

Call of Duty Mobile BR

Switch View

Just in case you are a total beginner and haven’t yet figured it out, you can switch between the first and third-person view. CoD is a traditional FPS game, but it broke its bubble by adding a third-person view to its mobile rendition. This is done by going to the settings menu, which we highly recommend you go through thoroughly. CoD Mobile has perhaps the most advanced in-depth settings out there currently and it is not by coincidence.

Increase FPS and Reduce Lag for Call of Duty: Mobile

Camera FOV (field of view) – This is one of the most important settings. This is set really low by default, so increase it to over 70 to make the game feel more like the PC version. Keep in mind that this may cause some FPS drops, depending on your device.

Scale – If you are playing with your Thumbs, you can leave this at 100%. However, if you are going for the Claw method, which overall gets better results on average, you can go under 100% Scale, to 75% for instance. Smaller buttons will improve your field of view

Alpha – This is recommended leaving at 100%, at least for the immediate future. Then, as you get better at the game itself, you may customize this to your preference. Lowering Alpha below 100% will drop FPS and eat more RAM.

System Settings – This depends on your device naturally and you will need to test it out. Generally, Leaving your Graphic Quality on High or Above will cost you performance if you do not have a Flagship Smartphone.

Frame Rate MOD is recommended leaving at MAX and always consider lowering Graphics and other settings before this one. Only the latest Flagship Smartphones and mobile devices can MAX Graphics and Frame Rate MOD. As a rule of thumb, low-end phones always go for low graphics and MAX FPS.

Depth of Field – Turning this off will reduce LAG significantly and improve your FPS.

BR MODE Graphic Style – Change this one to Standard at first and see how it does. If you have a more powerful device and it doesn’t stutter when you improve graphics first, then you can play with these styles.

Call of Duty Mobile Audio Video Options

Other useful Call of Duty: Mobile settings and tips

Controls – For both Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes, always use Advanced Mode.

Auto Fire – It is recommended that you leave the Auto Fire setting on for Zombie mode only, but turn it off for multiplayer and Battle Royale especially.

Fast Throw Grenade – Turn it off for any kind of multiplayer mode. This will make grenade throwing similar to what it is in most other shooter games.

Quick Run (From Prone) – This is recommended left always on, paired with Joystick Sprint, which will allow you to move faster around the map, but will require increased maneuvering indoors.

Display Left Fire Button – This is best put on While ADS (aiming down the sights). While you are aiming down the sights, with Left Fire Button displayed you are less likely to accidentally fire.

Slide (While Running) – Set this to Immediate. Long Press will react much slower, while Immediate will make your character slide immediately, but it will require some practice to get used to.

Reset Weapon Aim – Turn Off

Auto Loot – Turned on for Battle Royale, as well as Auto Open Door. If you do these things manually, it will take too much time in Battle Royale or other modes as well.

All ADS All HIP – Setting all your guns to fire from the HIP. This is the natural way FPS games are traditionally played. Even if your weapon has a scope, it is better to have it at the HIP and ADS (aim down the Scope) when you need to, not always.

Audio – If you are playing in a team and you need verbal communication, make sure you improve Teammate Voice and your own Microphone accordingly. You can also reduce other game sounds like music to have a clearer communication, but do not reduce SFX and 3D sound for they are quite useful for FPS games in general. However, not all devices will give you the 3D sound options and it only works for headphones.

Headphones – Playing a shooter game like this is best done with Headphones.

Sensitivity – This depends on whether you are playing with Thumbs or the Claw Method. If you are playing with a Thumb, a good rule is to set the Sensitivity to such a degree that you can rotate your field of view 180 degrees with one consistent swipe, turning to look behind your character without lifting the thumb of the screen and adding another swipe to finish the 180° turn. This is very important for your reaction times and aiming. Some people even go for the 360° single swipe Sensitivity, but this may be a bit too fast for beginners.

Call of Duty: Mobile Guns Recommendation

Call of Duty Mobile MSMC

This SMG auto rifle is good for close range. It has the highest fire rate in CoD Mobile but it is not versatile. Its fire rate comes at the cost of accuracy, so as soon as you are at medium range, it no longer becomes the optimal choice for combat.

DL Q33
Call of Duty Mobile DL Q33 Sniper

This is a powerful but basic sniper rifle, excellent for learning to snipe with, but also useful for high skill players. It has a high skill cap and a large magazine and it is good for medium and long range combat. However, it loses its viability in close range quickly.

Call of Duty Mobile S36

This is a high-level gun, but deservedly so. It has a large magazine, soft recoil, incredibly precise, but the downside is that it is heavy and slows you down when you run with it.

Type 25
Call of Duty Mobile Type 25

This is a highly versatile modern warfare combat weapon, incredibly well represented in CoD Mobile. It is an assault rifle which looks like the real-life Steyr rifle. It almost has no downsides whatsoever. It has a large magazine, shoots fast, and low recoil. It is excellent at close, medium, and long range. It is also very light and doesn’t slow you down and the only thing missing is the sniper scope. It does have the tactical scope though.

Call of Duty Mobile AK 117

Like in most shooter games across all platforms, AK series is highly appreciated here as well. The AK117 in CoD Mobile is perhaps the best representation of the AK guns in games ever. It has almost zero recoil with high damage. It is better at long range even than Type 25 and it also has the tactical scope, making it excellent for medium-ranged combat as well. It is great for close range also, but perhaps not so good as Type 25, because of its lower firing rate.

Call of Duty: Mobile tricks are mostly relied upon your own feel of the game and gameplay style. Improving your visuals and performance is a necessary, and knowing your weapons is a must, but other than that, you are your own best teacher. Shooter gaming genre is perhaps the most intuitive genre of all, and thus gives players high freedom of developing their own skill, speed, and style. Since the debut, CoD Mobile topped the stores and is definitely going to be a popular multiplayer shooter for a long time.