Evil Nun

Can You Escape the Evil Nun?

As someone who is a horror buff, I try to find entertainment media that will truly create the creepiness of the genre and make me sleep with the lights on. To explain it more clearly: some people go bungee jumping, I like the horror genre. But as the titles pile up, I’m hardly truly scared by any of them, except when it comes to video games. Unlike movies and TV shows, games need you to interact with the narrative and relive it with your character. Books can do this to some extent, but not too efficiently as games.

And that is exactly why I was attracted to the Evil Nun by indie studio Etorki Games from Spain.   

This game comes at the right time since the long-anticipated movie The Nun, a spin-off of the Conjuring series is hitting the theatres. Both titles feature demonic nuns who are creeping in the dark hallways and looking for a chance to get you. With a surprise form a small, indie game like Evil Nun that truly delivers the horror effectively as this Hollywood blockbuster (watch the trailer, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The plot of the Evil Nun revolves around your character who is a small boy locked in the school by an evil nun chasing after you. In order to escape, you need to solve the puzzles and pay close attention to the corners and behind your back, so she doesn’t surprise you – with an axe. However, keep in mind that she can hear you if you are too loud, and don’t be ashamed to hide to escape her.

You will experience the true horror of the game if you put your headphones on, although that will also help you distinguish certain sounds. The school is big and creepy so you will roam through the rooms with blood splattered walls and deteriorating décor a lot.

The game is far from perfect, nonetheless, but it’s not something that developers can’t fix in the sequel or even in this game. The nun is really fast and you hear her footsteps from everywhere, so it’s really hard to pinpoint where she is. She also hears every sound you make, which means she’s always onto you. While being chased is an underlying feeling whenever you play a survival horror game, here it’s literally happening all the time. That can be quite unnerving at times and more of a stressor than thrill.

But the developer is made up of young and enthusiastic people who are willing to hear any suggestions that will help the game be better. Which is truly a nice trait to see today. Therefore, I don’t doubt that Evil Nun and other games by Etorki Games studio will only get better and better.

Can You Escape the Evil Nun?



I don’t doubt that Evil Nun and other games by Etorki Games studio will only get better and better.

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