Castle Burn Heroes - Jeanne, Gruvo and Osborne


There are currently 9 Heroes in the Castle Burn, the 9th Hero, Scarlet was added in 11.10.2018. update. The goal of the guides is to explain rolls of different Heroes, as well as their strengths and weakness.

Each Hero, mostly depending on his specialization, will synergize very well with a certain unit. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose solid melee, tank units with your ranged Heroes, High DPS units with your melee tanky Heroes while AoE spells are not as necessary with Merham (the only Hero that deals AoE damage with his passive attack).

Further on, will discuss special abilities of Heroes, their effectiveness in battle, as well as their synergies with other cards. For example, Lana’s invigorating Aura works very well with Liches, Osborne’s Roar of the Wild with Poison Mist and Earthen Rage while also being very effective at stopping the retreat of low Hp enemy Hero and assassinating him, etc. All in all, we will talk about some very interesting ideas about the usage of special abilities in combination with other cards, and special attention will be paid to each Hero individually.

We’ll also talk a bit about optimal strategies with certain Heroes, like early rush, aggressive mid – game, turtling, etc.

For detailed information about Heroes click HERE