Monday, November 19



Castle Burn currently features 46 units, divided into 3 tiers and 4 rarity levels. We’ve already covered most of the units that are present in the game, and those that are missing should be covered in a week or two. The aim of the guides is to present the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, considering their Mana cost and Tier.

We’ve paid special attention to unit counters and most optimal ways of using certain units as well as the situations in which some units are close to being useless – when the opposing player has a ‘hard counter’ for it.

Strategies of how and when units should be picked from the deck and deployed are also briefly covered in the following Castle Burn Guides. For example, let’s say you know that your enemy has the Goblin Rocketeer (Tier 2 specialized Anti-Air unit), in that scenario going for the Griffin Rider card wouldn’t be such a good idea. On the other hand, there are some underused cards that can be extremely useful in a specific situation or in combination with a certain hero, and we’ll also talk a bit about this aspect of the game.

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