Thursday, November 22

Castle Burn

Castle Burn is an amazing game that brings RTS revolution to the mobile gaming community. Dive into the world of dragons, trolls, cats, vikings, mice and many more! Sharpen your wits by battling over million players online, and ultimately become a Champion of the Crown League! Or maybe just play casually with your friends and family – fun is guaranteed.

In the following articles, we’ll try to present most aspects of Castle Burn. That includes building strategies, a variety of available units, combat tactics, game guides etc. - in order for someone new to this game to just pick the pace up, and “join the wagon.”

In the Unit section we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of basic units, and also compare their cost versus overall combat effectiveness.

Castle Burn Guides will cover many different strategies, ranging from optimal opening build order, unit placement, timing, rush tactics, vs. rush tactics, organizing the defense and some useful tips and tricks.

There also will be reviews of Castle Burn’s updates as they are published, so stay tuned.

The game is available both for Android and iOS. 

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