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CB Units

Tier 1 - Common Unit Cards:

Castle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit IconCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle burn UnitsCastle Burn UnitsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Unit CardsCastle Burn Units

Tier 2 - Uncommon Unit Cards:

Castle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle Burn UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_UnitsCastle_Burn_Units

Tier 3 - Rare and Legendary Unit Cards:


Card Tiers and Rarity

Castle Burn features a wide array of unit cards, divided into 3 Castle Tiers and 4 rarity levels:
Tier 1 – Common cards
Tier 2 – Uncommon cards
Tier 3 – Rare (and Legendary)

Three exceptions concerning rare cards are Core of Winter and Goblin Marauder that are available at Tier 1 Castle and Earthen Rage (also a Rare Card) that’s available at Tier 2 Castle.

There are also 7 Legendary cards in total. One of them, Isabel's Grimoire is a Tier 1 card,  Frost Mage and Tactical Airship are a Tier 2 cards. The other four cards are Tower of Doom, Wendigo, Lich, and Valkyrie, and all of them are Tier 3 cards.

Upgrading Cards

If you have multiple cards of the same unit, it can be upgraded to a higher level. Upgrading a unit card from level 1 to level 2 will require 2 Cards and certain amount of gold, and it will increase Hp and damage by 10%. Every additional upgrade will require approximately twice as many cards. Important Note: Hp and Damage will gain successive percentage increase. For example let’s say that some card has 1 000 Hp at level 1. At level 2 it would have 1 100 Hp, 1 210 Hp at level 3, 1331 Hp at level 4, etc.

General Info

As you progress through the Leagues, more and more cards will become available and further down the road you’ll also unlock some (or all) of those powerful Legendary Cards. However, some of the cards that are unlocked at the very beginning of the game will remain useful in the higher Leagues.

In this guide, we’ll talk about different unit cards in Castle Burn. The primary goal is to explain the strengths and weakness of each unit, counters, common strategies with some of them, as well as the overall usefulness of a unit considering a Mana cost. Also, when we talk about counters, we’ll explain a unit positioning (or spawning), because that’s a very important aspect of this game and improperly positioned unit(s) can and will perform poorly. In other words, if unit X counters unit Y at long range and you spawn it too close, it will die very quickly without dealing any significant amount damage. This is a very basic example, but in the game, you’ll run into more complex situations and a lot of effective unit combinations that you’ll probably discover the hard way – but learning from the defeats is the best way to improve your own gameplay.

This kind of analytical approach will (hopefully) provide you with some insight into the most optimal ways of using specific units and might even provide ideas for new and creative strategies.