Forza Street Coming for Android and iOS

Forza Street coming to iOS and Android

Forza Street Mobile and PC free-to-play racing game is coming to Android and iOS, as the game is available for Windows 10 already. Microsoft made sure of that, as a FTP version is downloadable via your Win10 installer. The game is a racer collector with attractive looks and a big developer behind it, so it […]

reality clash ar

Reality Clash: AR Combat Game coming to UK this April

Reality Clash: AR Combat Game is the first ever AR (Augmented Reality) Combat Game in the history of video games, and it is definitely announced as one of the highlights of 2019. If you are not acquainted with the Augmented Reality concept just remember Pokemon Gó. So, what’s new in Reality Clash: AR Combat Game […]

emoji mine

Emoji Mine is coming to iOS and Android

Emojis became a lot more of a communication tool, growing into a social phenomenon on their own. The oldest emoji is good old smiley which was invented more than 50 years ago, but the development of messengers and overall the communication via the internet introduced the whole array of these cute characters. Emojis became so […]

durango wild lands

You can now pre-register for Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands is probably the hottest prospect for the future in the past couple of years. The initial release date was set for 25th January 2018, but its developer Nexon had encountered a problem. Actually, the game itself was six years in development, prior to that 2018 release date. The concept was so tempting […]


Talion is available for pre-registration in US and EU

After a long wait, lovers of the MMO genre from the US and EU will finally be able to pre-register for Talion. A few days ago, the game’s publisher, GAMEVIL has announced that their MMORPG game – Talion is available for pre-registration in the US and EU. For those who don’t know, Talion is 3D, […]

waven alpha

Waven released its first Alpha

The story about The World of Twelve has been unfolding for more than 15 years. That world is a scenery for the Ankama games, which heroes survive many dangers and perils. First, there was a DOFUS era, which was deemed the Golden Age and defined by the hunt for dragon eggs. Then the WAKFU era […]

Alliance vs Empire Update Announced

New Major Update Launched for AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Since February when AxE: Alliance vs Empire became available for iOS and Android devices, the game justified the “next generation of MMORPGs for mobile” its developer Nexon made prior to its release. Now, the developer released a major update for the game which will add more character customization features as well as the introduction of […]

CSR 2 Fast and Furious

CSR Racing 2 has Fast and Furious features added

Good news for all fans of Fast and Furious franchise, as these popular movies will be presented in CSR Racing 2. The famous cars and characters are coming to the game, allowing players to use their favorite vehicles in the races. Another series of F&F inspired events will take place over the next few quarters […]

Call of Duty Mobile Trailer

Call of Duty: Mobile – First Official Trailer Is Here

A beloved first-person shooter series Call of Duty is finally getting another mobile game which will enter beta this summer. Call of Duty: Mobile will thus join a long list of games that belong to this 16 years old franchise and it will be available for iOS and Android devices. Previously, Call of Duty: Zombies […]

Octopath Traveler

Square Enix Is Releasing a Prequel to Octopath Traveler for Mobile

During summer last year, Nintendo published Octopath Traveler, a turn-based RPG developed by Square Enix for Switch. The game was a huge success selling more than a million copies in barely a month after its release. And now, Square Enix is preparing a prequel to the game for iOS and Android devices to be released […]