Dota Underlords Scrappy Assassin Warlock Build featured

Dota Underlords: Scrappy-Assassin-Warlock

Today we are talking about the alliance many Dota Underlords players are sleeping on. Scrap your board and let’s start all over again because today we are introducing 6-Scrappy, 2-Warlock, 3-Assassin build. I was surprised at the effectiveness of this Dota Underlords Strategy. Thou the effectiveness of Scrappy alliance was not news to us, still, […]

Dota Underlords build

Dota Underlords Warrior – Druid – Scaled defensive build

How to Win in Dota Underlords? This is the question on the minds of many in the community, but with so many options to build a composition, this transforms into the issue of selecting Dota Underlords build. While there is a plan to create a guide for overall game mechanics, today in this topic I […]