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Dota Underlords: Scrappy-Assassin-Warlock

Dota Underlords Scrappy Assassin Warlock Build featured

Today we are talking about the alliance many Dota Underlords players are sleeping on. Scrap your board and let’s start all over again because today we are introducing 6-Scrappy, 2-Warlock, 3-Assassin build. I was surprised at the effectiveness of this Dota Underlords Strategy. Thou the effectiveness of Scrappy alliance was not news to us, still, […]

Dota Underlords “Trollock” strategy


Here you can find the core of Troll-Warlock (“Trollock”) guide for Dota Underlords. It is an extremely efficient and reliable way to provide you with the foundation to create a strong Dota Underlords strategy. While warlocks are somewhat old news, the combo with Trolls became relevant with the buff to its bonus (2-Troll set now […]

DotA Underlords Blood Bound build

Dota Underlords Blood-bound Big-Time Contract

Today we present to you an interesting DotA Underlords build, one that relies on the death of several its units. The build revolves around Blood Bound alliance. There are several variations of this build depending on what kind of units and items you get in the shop. (in the next few days, the patch will […]

Dota Underlords Warrior – Druid – Scaled defensive build

Dota Underlords build

How to Win in Dota Underlords? This is the question on the minds of many in the community, but with so many options to build a composition, this transforms into the issue of selecting Dota Underlords build. While there is a plan to create a guide for overall game mechanics, today in this topic I […]