Arena of Valor Brunhilda Featured

Brunhilda guide and AoV Tier List update

A new hero, Brunhilda is accessible(guide here) high mobility marksman able to place mines and turn into artillery. Check out Brunhilda updated Arena of Valor Tier List. Once the player base learns how to deal with her, how and when to engage/disengage, or how to save important control abilities for when she enters the Entrenchment […]

Arena of Valor Enzo Featured

AoV Tier List Enzo Update

New Arena of Valor hero just released Enzo, an mobility/finisher Assassin. While we are all waiting in anticipation for Brawler, the Korean Boy Band Inquisitor – Enzo is sure fun enough distraction. Check out comprehensive AoV Enzo guide Here.   Enzo is a squishy medium range assassin with the ability to toss the target around […]

arena of valor tier list errol update

Arena of Valor Tier List – Errol guide and update

After some extensive testing, research, and information gathering, our Bluemoongame – Tier List is updated with latest AoV hero, Errol. It is clear Errol presence is not something to be taken lightly. For a more comprehensive Arena of Valor Errol – guide read here. There are currently several additional changes to this Arena of Valor […]