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Last Hero Standing Event

Last Hero Standing event Heroic Magic duel

Welcome to our overview of Heroic Magic Duel Last Hero Standing event! Here, we’ll talk about everything that this event has to offer and we’ll also include a few general tips considering the optimal deck composition for this event. What the Last Hero Standing Event brings us? Well, most importantly, it introduces new Mythic minion […]

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – Our thoughts and tips

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1-6

Welcome to our not-so-short overview of the update 1.6 for Heroic Magic Duel. First, let’s quickly summarize what the update 1.6 brought us and after that will go through every card and change, one by one. Rebalancing of 16 minion cards Rebalancing of 6 spells 5 new minion cards Shrine of the Serpent – the […]

Broodling Solo and Azuhul the Foul Guild Event

Heroic Magic Solo and Guild event Alay'na

Welcome to our overview of the two Heroic Magic Duel events! Here we will talk about the main features of both events and we will also offer some tips on how to get the most out of them. Let’s get started! Heroes Magic Duel Broodling Azuhul Offspring – Solo Event First and foremost, this Heroes […]