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Skylanders Ring of Heroes guide for Runes

Skylanders Runes Guide Featured

How to setup Runes? Out of every subject, this one is the most comprehensive and requires an in-depth understanding of the game. However, here we will cover basics, where to farm, how to complete rune sets, what stat is available for which Rune Slot and so on. Let’s get some Skylanders RoH Rune basics out […]

Six best starting Skylanders RoH characters

Skylanders Best Starting Units

Which are the best characters at the beginning? Let us discuss a few things of importance for strong early game characters. First. These characters must be farmable. Being able to upgrade the unit is essential in Skylanders RoH. We don’t want to be forced on spending real-life money this early in the game. Second, it […]

Skylanders RoH Gold Guide

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Gold Guide

How to earn/farm Gold? This question plagues the minds of many players but it is not something with one and simple solution. Below you can find Skylanders RoH Gold guide, but always have this on your mind: There is no magic trick to earn you gold, but instead, it is a by-product of good planning, […]

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Review

The new Com2uS baby has just had its worldwide release and we are very excited about it. Com2uS worked on another similar global hit, Summoners War. THeir new game is entitled Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. The web is already overflowing with player feedback and the scores are pretty good, so let’s see if this game […]