FireBoy and WaterGirl Android

FireBoy and WaterGirl Android: fun and engaging game for your children

FireBoy and WaterGirl is excitingly addictive game for Android users. It’s loved by children all over the world!  Players take on cute roles of FireBoy and WaterGirl that have to act carefully and quickly together to get through dangerous obstacles and traps. Let’s talk about how to control FireBoy and WaterGirl: First, to make FireBoy […]

GRID Autosport new Switch Features

Local Multiplayer and Split-Screen has arrived at GRID Autosport

Grid Autosport, from the TOCA series, is another Codemasters’ acclaimed racing game, which has conquered virtually all platforms out there. Now, the developers are dishing out two free updates, announced a week ago or so, and the main reason is to bring the 2-player split-screen adaptability and the local wireless multiplayer availability to the Nintendo […]

Song of Bloom

Song of Bloom – Intense narrative game just got released for iOS

Song of Bloom, an ambitious narrative-driven mobile game, just came out today. It is a rather intense tale, beautifully presented, and it is about…well, everything! It is a handcrafted experience that allows the player to playfully explore this story told through art styles that will change quickly, leading us on a journey through the game. […]

AFK Cats winter event

AFK Cats are celebrating Meowrry Christmas with a new seasonal event

AFK Cats and Pixel Federation, the game’s developer, are celebrating the upcoming Holiday season with a hilarious event and they also give some advice and tips for beginners. Players can fight the notorious vacuum cleaner in this new seasonal event, as there is no better way to spend winter days than with your steampunk cat […]