us army esports

Newest esports team can really blow your brains out – US army team established

Faced with the fading interest of young people to draft, US Army conceived a genius plan how to become interesting to cool young people. They are hoping that esports will encourage young Americans to pick a career in the army. In order to popularize that idea, the US Army is making their own esports team, […]

ee mobile clash royale tournament

The Winner of Clash Royale tournament “EE Mobile Series” to join team Fnatic

Saddle up, gamers, as this is the chance you’ve been dreaming of! How does this sound: a competitive full-time salary, your own gaming set-up, training with pro gamers and your own room at the Fnatic gaming house, with you as part of their team? Too good to be true, right? Wrong, says mobile network EE. […]

Jam City and Disney Announced Their Partnership

Jam City and Disney Announced a Mobile Game Development Partnership

Great things are bound to happen when extraordinary people or companies join their forces and create something with the combined effort. Imagine what would happen if Picasso had paired paints and brushes with van Gogh, or companies like Microsoft and Apple had overcome their rivalry and developed something together. But what would you say if […]

Electronic Arts announced the remake of Command and Conquer and Red Alert

Electronic Arts announced the remake of Command and Conquer and Red Alert

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the legendary Command and Conquer video game series. The last time we saw anything related to the franchise was the unfortunate attempt of rebooting the Command and Conquer Generals on mobile devices, which created such a massive backlash that Electronic Arts decided to announce Command and […]

Path of Exile Trailer

New Path of Exile trailer is taking shots at Diablo Immortal

Path of Exile has a new trailer for its expansion Betrayal, and not only does it look fantastic, but it also brazenly addresses Blizzard’s latest failure presented in Diablo Immortal announcement. All the fuss about the latest Diablo game almost made the new Path of Exile expansion go under the radar, which would be a […]

The Third Overwatch World Cup

After winning the third Overwatch World Cup, the Korean players claim they’re unstoppable

During this year’s Blizzcon, a game culture convention which took place last week in Anaheim, California, there was a world tournament in Blizzard’s popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch. The South Korean team, which was labeled as the biggest favorite, managed to win the World Cup for the third time in a row, despite some surprises during […]

Microsoft Both Obsidian and Inxile

Microsoft Bought Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Studios

If we had to single out two developers which are the true heirs of the bright and hallowed traditions of CRPG genre, bringing it to the new generations, that would undoubtedly be Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. If you’ve been following the RPG scene for the past few years, you certainly know that both studios […]

Saving Battery Life

Night mode – saving your phone battery life by a high margin

We all know that there are certain circumstances when you simply must have your smartphone available at all costs. Unfortunately, as Murphy’s Law decrees, these are the exact situations when your phone will spitefully decide to go off for the lack of battery power, causing you not a little amount of frustration and even potentially […]