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Streets of Rage 2 Classic – your favorite beat’em up has come to mobile!

streets of rage 2

Streets of Rage games seems to be all the rage (pun very intended) in recent months. Not only we’ve got the first trailer for the Streets of Rage 4, but there’s also a mobile version of arguably the best game in the series, Streets of Rage 2. We’re not sure if the game like that […]

“8bitWar: Origins” – As simple as a game can be

8bitwarriors origins

Lately, it seems like there are some games that go with the retro aesthetics just for the sake of it. Fortunately, this is not the case with “8bitWar: Origins”. Its simplicity and addictive nature go along perfectly with the 8bit look and the chiptunes sound. The premise is simple enough: at the beginning of each […]

Pac-man Championship Edition DX – Pac-man evolved

pac man championship deluxe

There are some companies that seem to derive great pleasure from selling their user base the same titles over and over again (I’m looking at you, Nintendo and your Switch online library of NES titles), while some really try and go the extra mile in an attempt to bring something fresh with each new generation […]

Top 5 modern pixel art games

Top 5 modern pixel art games

“Terraria” Imagine “Minecraft”. OK. Now imagine it is in 2D and you have pretty much imagined what “Terraria” is all about. Now, hear me out: even though the game places you in a randomly generated world each time you boot it up, and even though you are given a sword for fighting, an ax for […]

“Sega forever” – vintage classics go mobile


Remember the good old days of mobile gaming when games didn’t require you to have a strong internet connection to even function? Remember the time when there wouldn’t be a new ad popping up each time you complete a level or die, ruining your gameplay flow? What if I told you that there is a […]

Golden Axe Classic – The King of Arcades

The eighties and early nineties will be remembered as a time of MTV, cheesy action flicks, and outstanding side-scrolling beat-’em-up arcades. Double Dragon, Final Fight, Rastan, Alien Storm, and other titles of this highly addictive ilk kept kids superglued to the screens for days on end. However, if there is one title that became the […]


Psychologists claim that there are six basic emotions all of mankind can relate to: disgust, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, and surprise. If you ask me, one emotion is missing from that list: the deep, sincere hatred for that stupid dog from Nintendo Entertainment System’s “Duck Hunt”. The damned beast had two things to do: to bark, causing the ducks to […]


This July, it will be exactly 35 years since the first game starring Bomberman was released. The most famous version of the original game, the NES/Famicom one was programmed by a single man, Shinichi Nakamoto. That version was sold in more than one million copies worldwide. Today, three and a half decades and more than […]