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Diablo 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Blizzard Entertainment finally confirmed by an official announcement that Diablo III is coming to Nintendo Switch. The Diablo III: Eternal Collection will include both Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansion packs for the price of $59.99. The bundle will also include some exclusive Nintendo items in the game, as well as all […]

TOP 5 Portable Amps For Your Mobile

Headphone amps are necessary if you are using high-quality headphones or IEMs that require a more powerful source to drive them apart from your PC or mobile device outputs. These quality headphone amps are designed to enhance your listening experience by bypassing your mobile device or laptop’s internal sound circuitry and acts as a standalone […]

Kings and Assassins: A Fantastic Board Game to Mobile Transition

Some board games simply go digital naturally and it fits them so well that you can’t tell which version is better. Yes, I said out loud what many board gamers also know it’s true. But, that is the way the modern age works, and it would be a shame not to give it credit for […]

Explore the worlds of Atlas and help the Starlink initiative save the universe!

Coming out very soon, on October 16, is a game we’ve been expecting ever since we first laid eyes on it at last year’s E3. We’re talking about Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a game by Ubisoft Toronto designed primarily for a younger audience, but nonetheless a game that when it comes out we’ll surely play […]

Xiaomi Mi7 – The Affordable Powerhouse

Xiaomi is one of the companies whose every action is thoughtful and considers the activities of their rival companies and all other factors that might affect their business. That’s probably the reason their products are so popular all over the continent. The factor that gives Xiaomi the upper hand over the competitors is the fact […]