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Homescapes Review

As a casual free-to-play match three game combined with a cute narrative, Homescapes Playrix’s Gardenscapes spin-off does good in both segments – in one you match three or more of a kind by swapping two bordering pieces, in another you help Austin the butler renovate his childhood home with coins you’ve earned from finishing match […]

Project Cars GO

Project Cars has been known as one of the best hardcore driving simulation games, in the vein of the legendary Gran Turismo, just not exclusively limited to Sony. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and early access PC development period organized by Slightly Mad itself., the original Project Cars was released for PlayStation 4, Windows PC […]

Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace Coming to PC

In April, Asmodee Digital announced that they will publish a game based on Mansions of Madness, a board game by Fantasy Flight Games for PC. The game is called Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace and is going to be developed by LuckyHammers. It is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2019 for Microsoft […]

Second Annual Women in Games Mobile Awards To Be Given This September

“Women in games”, a non-profit organization for and by women involved with esports and video games of all sorts has announced a call for nominations for second annual Women in games Mobile Awards. The purpose of these awards is to draw extra attention to creative women involved in gaming; particularly those behind mobile games already […]

Fox 21 Obtained Rights for the Vampyr TV Series

Released in June this year, Vampyr definitely made quite an impression on the entertainment community. To attest to that, Fox 21 Television Studios, a production company within 20th Century Fox’s Fox Television Group, has obtained rights to turn this gaming hit into a TV series. The production company already has an impressive portfolio of award-winning […]

Lenovo K5 Play: Will it Play?

Lenovo is a company whose forte is delivering excellent mid-range phones, often offering alternative versions for their mainline products. They did it again with the K series. Simultaneously with the Lenovo K5, the company launched the K5 Play variant, which looks identical but works on different hardware. Oppo did the similar thing with the Oppo […]

Durango: Wild Lands

Even when it was in the beta stages, Durango: Wild Lands was known as that mobile game with dinosaurs and half-naked people. Developed by What! Studio and published by Nexon, this is a stealth, scavenging, open world, sandbox, MMO, constructing, and an adventure game with dinosaurs in Durango Colorado. The game had an astonishing 2.5 […]