Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 Review

Civilization games are well known to all lovers of good strategy games. The desktop version is more than two decades old, spanning over six iterations over the years, but there’s also the off-shot Revolution series, launched on consoles back in 2008. Revolution boiled down the Civilization formula to its basics, ridding it of elements like civics […]

Duck Tales


Animation lovers refer to the period of the late 80s/early 90s as the time of “Disney Renaissance”. On the big screen, we got “The Little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King” and more, and almost simultaneously Disney started taking over TV screens, either by continuing some well-known stories and expanding on them (“Hercules”, “Timon and Pumba”) […]

Bardbarian review

Developed back in 2014 by TreeFortress Games and published by Bulkypix, Bardbarian is another deceptively simple indie game. The plot and the gameplay seem very simple at first glance, but this game has scored high ratings all over the web. Available for multiple platforms, Bardbarian can and will surprise you with its highly addictive and […]

From Fantomah to Diana: History of Superheroines

Women – and female superheroes in particular – didn’t always have the appropriate treatment in comics. Every strong and well-made heroine was followed by at least three shallow, stereotypical, self- obsessed damsels in distress, which nullified any kind of progress. Women in comic books were mostly taking one of three predefined roles: the victim, the […]