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Steel Rage: Robot Cars PVP Shooter Warfare Review

Steel Rage Review

Steel Rage: Robot Cars PVP Shooter Warfare certainly is a mouthful, but it’s just what it says it is. An action-packed car-driving PVP shootout, which is best described as old School Twisted Metal PvP extravaganza, with controls adapted for mobile play (only Android so far). Only, the cars are more realistic, the vehicles are a […]

The Last Remnant Remastered Review

The Last Remnant Remastered Review

The Last Remnant Remastered release date for PS4 was in 2018, while the game arrived on Nintendo Switch earlier in 2019. Now, after finally arriving on mobile, for Android and iOS, we took a look at the remaster of this acclaimed role-playing title that originally came out in 2008. Square Enix kept the game entirely […]

Project War Mobile just got released for Android

Project War Mobile

Project War Mobile is a fresh team role-playing online shooter game, which is reminiscent of perhaps old school shooters of the ‘00s, but with modern features. The game capitalizes on the online competitive experience it offers, but also on the versatility in terms of gameplay approach itself – it actually offers both first and third-person […]

Google and Apple pulled messaging app ToTok from their stores

ToTok pulled from Apple and Google store

ToTok messaging app is no longer found on the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. According to online sources, it has everything to do with the government surveillance reports update. While the info on this is scarce, ToTok developer has already issued a statement to address this question. However, the statement has done […]

Game discounts and deals for Stadia Pro members

Stadia Pro Discounts

Google Stadia games pricing revealed, as well as the discount for Pro subscribers, with sole lucrative deals for games like RDR2, Rage 2, and others. The pricing model presented by the cloud gaming service is reportedly better than anyone had hoped, according to the feedback online, as a lot of people have expressed their satisfaction […]

Top streamed games, platforms, and streamers of 2019

Top Streamed Games Platforms and Streamers 2019

Twitch rules supreme, as expected, staying the #1 streaming platform for the year 2019. League of Legends is #1 streaming game, while the most popular streamer in 2019 was Tfue. The official figures are out and the statistics look staggering. Mainly, Twitch towers over all other “competitive” streaming platforms, LoL remains the first and even […]

Holiday Events are live in Free Fire

Free Fire Holiday Events

Free Fire Holiday Event is live and brings the opportunity of the Players Voting. Garena had plans for this update for some time now, but the players were certainly surprised pleasantly. We now get new guns, skins, costumes, game modes, and also the special holiday season event to celebrate the festivities. The ongoing voting battle […]

Black Desert Mobile just got its first major content update

Black Desert Mobile Major Content Update

Black Desert Mobile is dishing out its first major update with new content and events, and it is already live worldwide. It comes even earlier than Pearl Abyss promises, due to many of the features from the Asian version missing in this western one, let’s call it that. Now, this update brings a significant expansion […]