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Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Review

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos Review

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is slowly launching in select countries and will soon be open worldwide, after a brief period of pre-registration. The fans of the series, Heroes 3 in particular, have been eager for a long time now for Ubisoft to bring the franchise to mobile and their perseverance finally pays […]

Figment comes to iOS on Thursday

Figment Coming to iOS

Figment: Journey into the Mind comes to the iTunes App Store on November 28, 2019, on Thursday, proudly announced by Bedtime Digital Games. The entire game represents an interesting concept for it happens entirely in the human mind, or this is rather its setting. The gameplay is based on exploring what we know as the […]

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Update is live!

Call of Duty Season 2

Call of Duty: Mobile release date was on October 1st, and not two full months after, the game has already advanced to its first big new content chunk. Season 2 update is now live and it comes with many auspicious features, like both free and premium battle pass, Alaska themed grenades, unlockable gun skins, and […]

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Games

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Games

Marvel Super War Marvel Super War MOBA represents a highly awaited title in a stream of games developed and published under the renowned comic book giant – Marvel Entertainment. Their first game dates all the way back to 1982, when they published Spider-Man for the Atari 2600. Now, they have a few upcoming projects in […]

New Security features added to Twitter

Twitter Updates Security Measures

Twitter, one of the most popular social networks for microblogging, is certainly loved by all, famous people, Hollywood stars, and otherwise all who are a fan of the “tweeting”. The short message extravaganza, as well as commenting and posting your content certainly surpassed its initial American targeted audience and has grown into a global phenomenon […]

Football Manager 2020 Mobile Review

Football Manager 2020 Mobile release date was on November 19, 2019, and the game is already growing its player base like crazy. Also dubbed FM20, this title brings the freshest player database with teams from all walks of the world football scene, but it also enhances the entire experience with some in-depth coaching features. However, […]