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Reviews page contains the game reviews. Blue Moon Game is rating the games based on atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay. There are exceptions where we miss out one of the factors on purpose to reflect the average rating better (for instance – there won’t be a graphics rating in the text-based game). Every game is rated and compared according to the platform it’s intended for. Our final grades are explained here.

Lightstep Chronicles Review

Lighstep Chronicles Review

Lightstep Chronicles video game was released on Steam for PC on August 1st. In this day and age, we see video game developers mostly leaning towards mobile devices and developing games that are fun, snappy, and suitable for portable devices. But now, Eipix Entertainment brings us this rare choice in the genre, which is obviously […]

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

Wolfenstein Young Blood Review

Wolfenstein: Youngblood came out recently and the internet seems to be collectively shooting this game down. This might actually be the game’s own fault, not because of the development, but because of the radical changes it made to the series, such as removing the main character s, the one-dimensional awesomeness powerhouse we all know and […]

Forged of Blood Review

Forged of Blood Featured

Whenever I come across “Tactical RPG” description in-game, spider-sense starts to tingle. This meant only one thing: an entire week with liters of coffee and tons of snacks before the Forged of Blood Review is available. It is the first game that comes from a young developer team Critical Forge consisting of only 8 members. […]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem: Three Houses release date was on July 26, 2019, and it is a beautiful tactical RPG developed solely for Nintendo Switch. It marks the 15th entry in the Fire Emblem series, but it’s one of only two home console editions, along with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn from 2007. The game incorporates its gameplay […]

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter Review

The Walking Zombie Review

Why delve into The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter mobile game? Why go for another zombie shooter? Well, the multitude of zombie games on the mobile gaming market has had several positive effects on the entire industry, and number one is that tough competition forces developers to always improve their products. And, this title has […]

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery – Review

Sweet Escapes

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery mobile game is a product of the ever-expanding puzzle match 3 gaming genre. After the fan-favorites like Candy Crush Saga series and others, the competitive developers are constantly figuring out ways to make their game the top choice and they do that by adding new and advanced features to them, […]

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Review

Tiny Room Stories Review

Tiny Rooms Stories: Town Mystery mobile is a new puzzle game that, at first glance, looks like it is pushing the boundaries of the genre. After a few minutes of playing, it appears as if it brought together elements of a detective noir genre, a bit of Sims flavor, and all that with some pretty […]

Jungle Adventures 3 Review

Okay, Jungle Adventures 3 Android is an essential part of the platform cult because games today all try to add something new to the genre, or fuse it together with other genre and get something new. This game, as previous in the series, keeps it in the family and it’s a straight forward platform game, […]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order

After a decade, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order switch exclusive has come to bring the MUA franchise back to the fans of the superhero arcade genre. The previous two MUA and XML (X-Men Legends) games were so loved and adored by the fans, that by this day new online mods and fan-made patches […]

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Review

Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival mobile game is brought to us by BEINGAME LIMITED and it is a simulation which draws on the Zombie movies and hit TV shows, like The Walking Dead. The game naturally has features similar to Fallout Shelter and the likes, but it seeks to improve on the gameplay and it […]