Legend of Solgard Is Not the Usual Match-3 Game Everyone Expected

From the same studio that brought us Candy Crush, Bubble Witch Saga and my all-time favorite Pet Rescue, comes something a little bit different, but no less exciting. Legend of Solgard, developed by Snowprint Studios and released by King this year, is a match-3 RPG for iOS and Android devices which will certainly move boundaries. […]

The football player turned reeve in New Star Soccer Manager

It’s not a rare case that a great football player continues his career equally successful as a manager. Zidane did that, Pep Guardiola, too, and now you can add New Star Soccer game to that elite group. The original game took smartphones by storm in 2012, and now the same team made a follow-up simply […]

Join the Train Robbery on Colt Express

Before it went digital, Colt Express was a board game published in 2014 and developed by Ludonaute. It is a 2 – 6 players board game with amazing illustrations by Jordi Valbuena and Ian Parovel, while Christophe Raimbault did the design. Since its publication, the game had numerous expansions and based on the publisher it […]

Rocket Valley Tycoon Takes You to Space Race

Developed by Iron Horse Games LLC and released in April this year, Rocket Valley Tycoon is a small strategy game with a big heart. This time, you will race to launch a rocket into space from the most rudimentary beginnings of creating a settlement and mining for resources.    The game adopts a concept which […]

One of the Best Racing Games is Finally Here – Asphalt 9 Review

Most of us who like racing games are familiar with the Asphalt series which started in 2004 for Nokia N-Gage platform. At the time, this was a game with amazing visual features and people spent hours playing it. But each next game was better than the previous one with enhanced visual quality, better car collection, […]

Defeat the Orcs and Save the World – Warlords of Aternum Review

All of you craving for something WoW-like, but without actual time to play such demanding games now have an opportunity to fill in that gap. Warlords of Aternum by InnoGames GmbH has already had over one million installs, for Android alone, although the iOS version is just as popular. The game was previously called Warlords, […]