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Reviews page contains the game reviews. Blue Moon Game is rating the games based on atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay. There are exceptions where we miss out one of the factors on purpose to reflect the average rating better (for instance – there won’t be a graphics rating in the text-based game). Every game is rated and compared according to the platform it’s intended for. Our final grades are explained here.

Buddy Toss Review

Ragdoll games that employ physics are one of the earliest genres that were exclusive for the mobile devices. The first global smash hit for mobile, Angry Birds, is the perfect example of what you might expect from games like those. They are simple, immensely fun, have huge replay value and the best of all, you […]

Game of Sultans Review

The Oriental aesthetic was really popular in mainstream culture during the second half of the 20th century, providing us with numerous books, TV shows, movies and even video games like Prince of Persia. Nowadays, the Middle East in games is usually just a backdrop for action-oriented games about introducing democracy to backwater tribes. As far […]

Life is Strange Review

Life is Strange mobile is a 5 part point and click adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment which is said to be forward-thinking in its design, presentation, and overall storytelling. Dontnod is the same developer which brought us the title Remember Me back in 2013 and are responsible for many other memorable games and soundtracks. […]

Into The Breach Review

Before we start let me ask do any of you remembers Faster Than Light, commonly known as FTL? When it appeared in 2012 it instantly became a huge hit and showed the world how a successful independent game (it was funded by Kickstarter) should look like. Many people address this game as the milestone in […]

Maguss, a.k.a. Not Harry Potter GO At All, Definitely Review

Augmented Reality games got in the center of public attention with Pokemon GO, which took over the world by storm. Since then, developers competed in that new area of gaming, trying to find the ideal formula for augmented reality. Players have been pelted with dozens of various games in different genres, but soon the schtick […]

Art of the Game – Only When Howling Review

Only When Howling is one of those games that certainly like to use the medium for telling unconventional stories. While every game consists of artwork, Only When Howling is actually one big art project. The game has a somewhat unconventional and childlike visual expression that many players may find off-putting. However, this is not a […]

Megapolis Review

Pretty much everything you need to know about this game is revealed in the title. Per definition, megapolis (or more commonly used megalopolis) is a large string of adjacent, but not necessarily connected, metropolitan areas. It’s used to describe huge urban areas of the world that hold more than 10 million people. If you read […]

Teen Titans Go Figure – You gotta catch ’em all! No, seriously.

I was ten when Tim Burton’s “Batman” premiered in cinemas, and was lucky enough to grow up with the ever-expanding DC Animated Universe… Or, to put it another way, “Teen Titans Go!” is #NotMyTeenTitans. With that out of the way, I must admit that the feature film “Teen Titans Go! To the movies!” is surprisingly […]

Dive deep in Subnautica and try to survive (if you can)

Imagine this: your spaceship crash-lands in the middle of an alien ocean, the only surviving member of the crew is you, your escape pod is on fire, your ship is wrecked and burning in the distance, and you start feeling your hunger and thirst rising. Apart from the debris here and there, the only thing […]