Battleheart 2: Your Land Needs You

In 2011, Mika Mobile developed an RPG video game Battleheart which received positive reviews with Metacritic giving it 81 out of 100 rating. Three years later, they released Battleheart Legacy, and four years after that we finally have a real sequel simply called Battleheart 2.   Since Battleheart Legacy was, frankly, a flop, the fans have […]

The Horus Heresy: Legions

For decades the Warhammer 40K universe has been serving as a paragon for everything hardcore, badass, and dark in all fantasy. This world was full to the brim with heroics, blood, destruction, and constant war between the forces of Order and Chaos. The simplest summary of the game’s plot is that our galaxy has been […]

Fight With Demons Using Social Media in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

SMT is a well-known and well-beloved jRPG series by Sega and now they’ve made a free-to-play mobile game available for iOS and Android. For fans of the series, this might seem like troubling news, as these kinds of games don’t usually make the transition over to the mobile screens with ease, but Sega have done […]

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The famous and successful racing management-simulation strategy video game series developed by British video game developer, Playsport Games got its third installment. In this game, as the title says, you have the chance to manage a motorsports team and lead them into four tiers of competition. Following the best game in the series, Motorsport Manager […]

Bring to Light Review: Beware of the Shadows,They Bite

When you start playing Bring to Light by Canadian developer Red Meat Games, you think that someone might have published this game decades too late. Roaming around dark hallways and expecting to be attacked by some vicious monster is basically what marked the FPS games of the ‘90s. Not to mention that occasional noise you […]

Beware of the Zombies in the Action-Packed Game Into the Dead

When the Resident Evil game showed up in 1996, it created a groundbreaking experience for players and turned zombies into the terrifying creatures they are today. The zombie lore is still strong today, for the most part, thanks to the Walking Dead TV show, but it can’t truthfully depict the horror of this subgenre. On […]

Homescapes Review


As a casual free-to-play match three game combined with a cute narrative, Homescapes Playrix’s Gardenscapes spin-off does good in both segments – in one you match three or more of a kind by swapping two bordering pieces, in another you help Austin the butler renovate his childhood home with coins you’ve earned from finishing match […]

Durango: Wild Lands

Even when it was in the beta stages, Durango: Wild Lands was known as that mobile game with dinosaurs and half-naked people. Developed by What! Studio and published by Nexon, this is a stealth, scavenging, open world, sandbox, MMO, constructing, and an adventure game with dinosaurs in Durango Colorado. The game had an astonishing 2.5 […]