Solbot Energy Rush: A Small Game with A Powerful Message

We all know games can have an impact on our lives, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see a game with a strong message. Solbot: Energy Rush developed by indie Freakout Games is exactly that, but also much more. Developed for iOS and Android, Solbot: Energy Rush has a nostalgic feel and is reminiscent […]

Memopoly: An Annoying Game of Puzzle

Memopoly by Appsolute Games is another puzzle game that will count on your concentration and memory for gameplay. However, puzzle games are very mysterious and you can’t be sure what to expect from them sometimes. That is until you start playing and figure out the system to solve them. Published for iOS in August, Memopoly […]

Hollywhoot: Idle Hollywood Parody – Tap your way to fame and fortune

Apart from being quite a mouthful, “Hollywhoot: Idle Hollywood Parody” is also a “tap and wait” type of game. It is also quite fun. Here is what it has to offer. You take on a role of an aspiring movie director in Hollywhoot. But, you know how it goes; you have to start at the […]

Hello Neighbor: What Secrets Does Your Neighbor Hide?

Hello Neighbor is one of those games you believe you figured out from the announcements. A game’s publisher tinyBuild released several trailers which made me believe that this will bean a combo of Fright Night and Rear Window movies. However, the story took a completely different turn and left me quite baffled. Developed by Dynamic […]

Sword of Chaos Review

Sword of Chaos is easily one of the most action-oriented and polished MMORPG games currently on the market. And no, before you ask, this game is not related to the Warhammer universe, unless it consists of jiggly breasted anime girls now. Which I sincerely doubt. The studio behind Sword of Chaos is Allstar Games, known […]