Teen Titans Go Figure – You gotta catch ’em all! No, seriously.

I was ten when Tim Burton’s “Batman” premiered in cinemas, and was lucky enough to grow up with the ever-expanding DC Animated Universe… Or, to put it another way, “Teen Titans Go!” is #NotMyTeenTitans. With that out of the way, I must admit that the feature film “Teen Titans Go! To the movies!” is surprisingly […]

Dive deep in Subnautica and try to survive (if you can)

Imagine this: your spaceship crash-lands in the middle of an alien ocean, the only surviving member of the crew is you, your escape pod is on fire, your ship is wrecked and burning in the distance, and you start feeling your hunger and thirst rising. Apart from the debris here and there, the only thing […]

Unlock the Secrets of the Dollhouse – The Room: Old Sins

Those who enjoy a good puzzle video game like I do, may have heard about The Room series developed by British developer Fireproof Games. Although it was originally made for iOS, the developer released an Android version after only a six-month period, in March 2013. First available as a Humble Bundle collection, The Room is […]

Colt Express

Colt Express

Colt Express is a western themed board game featuring 3-dimensional figure pieces telling a story about a train robbery. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, besides having this unique, western, gunslinging, bandit type thing, the game features some innovative mechanics rarely seen, or not seen at all in other board games out there. The railway […]

The Sun: Origin – mobile STALKER or more?

The Sun: Origin was the perfect example of a slowly baked game, since it was first announced some five years ago, and it’s been in steady development ever since. The main reason for that is the minute size of the development team, whose core is consisted of only three people. Yet, this tiny studio took […]


Linia is a puzzle game developed by Black Robot Games. It is quite the sight to behold, with its colorful and relaxed atmosphere. It is rated PEGI 3 and looks quite simple, but as you progress it gets quite difficult and engaging. The gameplay alone is to blame for that, as this game may give […]