The popular board game Mysterium gets its official digital adaptation

If you like to play board games, there’s a chance you’ve played or heard of Mysterium. If so, you know it is a casual board game where each player assumes the role of a psychic attempting to solve murders by analyzing a series of visual clues. It’s sort of a Dixit meets Clue/Cluedo and it’s […]

Heretic Gods – mobile hack and slasher inspired by Diablo

Dungeon crawlers have been sparking the imaginations of RPG lovers since day one, with intricate levels haunted by increasingly more difficult enemies, traps, and sweet sweet loot. A game that redefined the genre and introduced the “hack and slash” mechanics, where you tirelessly plow through waves and waves of enemies, skillfully combining your skills and […]

Black Desert

Black Desert mobile version of the innovative Korean 3D MMORPG is out in Asia and is soon to be released worldwide, at least according to the Black Desert mobile wiki. Besides high definition graphics and absolutely gorgeous looks, this game is already famous for some innovative features and a fast-paced combat style. Appearance is definitely […]

Pode comes to Switch!

Nintendo really hit it big with its newest Switch console. Not only did it successfully unite handheld and home consoles, but also singleplayer and cooperative titles, especially the sort that we call “couch co-op”. Pode is one of the games that pay homage to the classic co-op games, with its fantastic gameplay elements. Simply speaking, […]

Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade

Whenever people talk about Gameloft, it turns into a discussion about their tendency to make games that are blatantly and obviously inspired by others. While originality is a pretty important element of a game, it’s less important than entertainment value. This is the case with Blitz Brigade, Gameloft’s multiplayer shooter that looks upon a certain […]

Simple and charming – Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Since 1987, we’ve been playing a science fiction and fantasy franchise Final Fantasy created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. This is a series of role-playing video games which later tried other genres like action, massively multiplayer online role-playing, third-person shooter and other. Thanks to the great reception the game crossed media, so there were anime, manga, novels […]

Mage The Ascension: Refuge

If you aren’t a tabletop fantasy role-playing game fan, you probably know somebody who is. Certainly, everyone who tried a tabletop RPG at least once has to admit it is a pretty fun and immersive experience. Well, there have been attempts to bring the experience to gaming platforms, but with keeping the tabletop fantasy role […]