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Reviews page contains the game reviews. Blue Moon Game is rating the games based on atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay. There are exceptions where we miss out one of the factors on purpose to reflect the average rating better (for instance – there won’t be a graphics rating in the text-based game). Every game is rated and compared according to the platform it’s intended for. Our final grades are explained here.

Alto’s Odyssey Review

Desert at sunset, ancient, exotic and mysterious. Nothing disturbs its absolute peace as the huge red sun descends in slow-motion behind the rugged mountains seen in the misty distance. Suddenly, someone rushes down the dunes lighting fast, bounces off the surface of a huge rock, then makes a daring backflip, with something resembling a long […]

Frostpunk Review

According to all major Sci-Fi tenets, there is only a couple of ways how humanity could end its long and eventful journey. The first one is very optimistic and states that we’ll somehow manage not to destroy ourselves – instead, we’ll realize our destiny and soar to the stars as mighty homo-sapiens conquistadors of planets […]

Antihero – Digital Board Game

Merry old London: a capital of the empire where the sun never sets. A bright beacon of civilization, art, and culture. However, if in the Victorian times you’d stray from its brightly lit streets into Whitechapel, Spitalfields or, god forbid, The Old Nichols, you’d see an entirely different picture. Crime-infested slums with London’s trademark polluted […]

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Review

When I first saw that this game’s name includes the well known “Might & Magic” title, I had to see what the hell is going on. I knew Ubisoft has transitioned from PC to consoles and to Nintendo Switch, but I had no idea they were already making the jump to mobile devices as well. […]

Lords Mobile Review

City building, army leading, hero-based strategies are the bread and butter of mobile games. It’s really difficult to make a game in the genre that offers anything new, and the format of these games by itself isn’t too welcoming to innovation. The best you could hope for is to have the game that’s well made in every aspect of […]

Get ready to spend Five Nights at Freddy’s

Horror genre was always good at turning completely innocent things into the objects of fear. Just remember, for example, Child’s Play (1988) and a doll possessed by the serial killer’s soul that starts the killing spree. Video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s (or as fans like to shorten it – FNaF) certainly does that by turning the epitome of […]

Old Man’s Journey Review

There are games that are created to stimulate your reflexes, sense of adventure, intellect, even to simply kill your time. Titles that are capable of provoking your emotions, even slightly, are preciously rare, and those that are designed specifically for that purpose (and manage to succeed in it without spiraling into sickly-sweet sentimentality) are nothing […]