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Reviews page contains the game reviews. Blue Moon Game is rating the games based on atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay. There are exceptions where we miss out one of the factors on purpose to reflect the average rating better (for instance – there won’t be a graphics rating in the text-based game). Every game is rated and compared according to the platform it’s intended for. Our final grades are explained here.

Get ready to spend Five Nights at Freddy’s

Horror genre was always good at turning completely innocent things into the objects of fear. Just remember, for example, Child’s Play (1988) and a doll possessed by the serial killer’s soul that starts the killing spree. Video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s (or as fans like to shorten it – FNaF) certainly does that by turning the epitome of […]

Old Man’s Journey Review

There are games that are created to stimulate your reflexes, sense of adventure, intellect, even to simply kill your time. Titles that are capable of provoking your emotions, even slightly, are preciously rare, and those that are designed specifically for that purpose (and manage to succeed in it without spiraling into sickly-sweet sentimentality) are nothing […]

Dungeon Hunter Champions Review

Dungeon Hunter

If you’re a fan of mobile RPGs, Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter series certainly hasn’t escaped your radar. Dungeon Hunter Champions, the latest installment of this renowned mobile franchise is a curious mash-up of different genres, from classic loot-driven action RPGs, through PvE, to MOBA games. Although RPG purists will undoubtedly interpret this tendency as an omen […]

Battle of Polytopia Review

Reading the title of this game, you’d probably think it’s the tale of multiple heart-rending stories of a polyamorous utopian community torn asunder. Of course, that’s wrong, because it kind of undermines the definition of utopia, so this game is about a country with many different confronted tribes, including yours.  Polytopia tasks you to take […]

Paladins Strike Review

At first glance, Paladins Strike looks like your ordinary run of the mill MOBA, similar to Vainglory. You have an isometric point of view on a fantasy battlefield and two teams of five unique heroes attaching each other’s base. But, there is a big difference in gameplay mechanics. Namely, MOBA games usually derive their gameplay […]

Crossfire Legends Review

Crossfire Legends

If you followed the Asian FPS scene you must have heard of Crossfire, Being the highest grossing online game of 2014, it has caused quite a havoc in the Asian gaming market, while in Europe and North America it hasn’t really gained much popularity, developed by a South Korean company SmileGate with Tencent being the […]

Art of War 3 Review

It seems that the new inductee into the mobile RTS hall of fame is finally in the house, and its name is Art of War 3: Global Conflict. As you might already know, especially if you regularly follow developments on the RTS mobile scene, Gear Games is a seasoned Russian developer mostly specialized in old-style […]

Volcano Tower Review

Hey guys and welcome to another weekly review by Blue Moon Game! We have the very first game from UglyCake Games developer, titled Volcano Tower, under our magnifying glass today, and we will be thorough in exploring its features (which aren’t too many, but still fun). The story goes like this: from inside a volcano, […]