Bardbarian review

Developed back in 2014 by TreeFortress Games and published by Bulkypix, Bardbarian is another deceptively simple indie game. The plot and the gameplay seem very simple at first glance, but this game has scored high ratings all over the web. Available for multiple platforms, Bardbarian can and will surprise you with its highly addictive and […]

Fez Review

Fez iOS/Android is an excellently themed video game with an original concept, tight controls, and a stellar soundtrack! This game will bring you the retro gaming feel, as it celebrates everything we loved about video games in the 90s and then on. With it being deceptively simple, the game features an excellent and innovative mechanic […]


Hello there! Before you continue reading this, a word of warning: I am a Marvel fanboy. The kind that collects comics and toys, wears store-bought and custom-made T-shirts and watches movies, cartoons, and TV shows and has a preferred continuity and look for almost every Marvel character. But, that doesn’t mean that I am going […]