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Top 5 Sega Classics

Top 5 Sega Classics

For young people today bringing up old school games from Sega, Nintendo, Atari, or other platforms doesn’t mean much, if anything. Perhaps only if you mention some franchises that developed further over the decades and had later adaptations, like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or similar classics. But, back in the day, these games rocked everybody […]

Top 5 Mobile Game Releases in September

Top 5 Mobile Game Releases in September

As someone who follows the scene already noticed, mobile gaming is getting bigger and better every month. Whenever we check the stores, there’s always a slew of new titles coming on Google Play and App Store. And they aren’t run of the mill mobile titles only. Whenever you’re a casual gamer or you want some […]

Top 5 Game Releases in September

Top 5 Games In September

As many of you know, summer is not the season for new releases. But it is a period when we get all the exclusive announcements thanks to E3 and Gamescom, and those lucky enough to attend them can even try some demos. But come September, the wallets get thinner and time is scarce because games […]

Top 5 Games That Need Remaster

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In the light of the recent reluctance of the game industry to deliver new and exciting IPs due to the higher risk of financial downfall, the games that we are getting are either sequels of already established franchises or remakes/ remasters of the classic hits for PC and consoles. The most convenient purpose of remasters […]

Top 5 Tycoon Games of All Time

tycoon games

The Tycoon games genre was massively popular for a while but has lately subsided, leaving all of its players with plenty of fond memories, and the most dedicated with some impressive save files of their various creations’ days of glory. These games had a unique appeal mostly because of the combination of skills they took […]

Top 5 Actors Who Could Be the Next Superman

Top 5 Actors for Superman Role

With Henry Cavill out of the picture as Superman, it’s time to start betting on a new actor who will play DC’s beloved superhero. Many actors have done it in the previous incarnations of this character on TV or film, but the producers always respected the comics’ depiction of Clark Kent and Superman: tall, dark […]

Top 5 Shocking Moments in Gaming

Top 5 Shocking Moments in Gaming

There’s one big advantage video games have comparing with other types of media when it comes to storytelling. They are able to put you in the middle of the experience like no other medium can. Hollywood can throw bigger screens, bigger speakers, 3D, moving seats and every other gimmick, but they’re not going to reach […]