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Sword Art online Kirito is joining Arena of Valor

arena of valor sword art online kirito

There’s no denying that Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games for mobile. In the past year, the game has been a massive success and has gained many fans across the globe. Apparently, they are looking to increase their fanbase in one of the most interesting ways. In the past few […]

Shieldwall Chronicles promises over 50 hours of story

Shieldwall Chronicles swords of the north

All of you fans of tactical RPG games probably know about Wave Light game studio and their influential mobile game Demon’s Rise. Not only it was one of the better games in the genre, but it also has some of the most creative and interesting character classes. A few years later came a sequel, which […]

HeroVersus is in open beta for iOS and Android

HeroVersus: The Legend of Ki Masters

Fighting games are quite an important part of video game history, and every gaming generation has their own favorite fighting games. Being relatively young, mobile gaming has a short history of fighting games that are developed for that platform. Even in the early days, the developers were bringing the classical fighting games to mobile phones, […]

Walkthrough for Year 5, Chapter 14 is out!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough Year 5 Chapter 14

Hello everyone, the Walkthrough for Chapter Fourteen of Year Five of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is here! In this chapter, you will pay a visit to Hagrid after an exhausting search for Scabbers. He will be overjoyed to see Fang returned to him unharmed. While you’re at it, you’ll be able to talk to Hagrid […]

Walkthrough for Year 5, Chapter 13 is here!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Hello everyone, the Walkthrough for Chapter Thirteen of Year Five of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out! During this one, Jae, Fang, and you will go to meet Torvus in the Forest Glade. Hopefully, with his aid, you might be able to find Scabbers. You’ll also search the Prefect’s bathroom for any signs of Percy’s […]

Heroes of Flatlandia

heroes of flatlandia

If you (like us) thought upon seeing the title that this might be a game about people who defend the flat Earth theory, then you might be a little disappointed by the fact that this is just a mobile version of Heroes of Might and Magic. Indeed, while you play this game you will notice […]

Claim Super Meat Boy for Free until January 10

super meat boy free to claim

As promised by the Epic Games Store, we will be able to claim for free a new game every two weeks. This time, it’s Super Meat Boy and it will be free until January 10, 2019. Just like with previous titles, customers need to have an account in order to claim the games for free […]

Stir up the pot in Cook it! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game

Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game

If you enjoy watching the cooking shows on 24 Kitchen and fancy yourself a cook, you’ll have a blast in this fast-paced cooking game coming in hot from Flowmotion Entertainment. Having substantial experience developing cooking games, Flowmotion Entertainment have polished the concept and brushed up on the already successful recipe behind their previous hit game, […]

Our Fan Fiction section for Hogwarts Mystery is finally here!

fan fiction harry potter hogwarts mystery

Hello everyone, we are excited to inform you that our Fan Fiction section for Hogwarts Mystery is finally here! To access it, you can use simply click  Alternatively, you can click on the Fan Fiction button anywhere within our Hogwarts Mystery section, and you will be redirected to the Fan Fiction part, as illustrated in […]

Pizza the Pie Review

Pizza The Pie Review

It is difficult to find a cuisine which is so renowned and popular as pizza. Originated from Italy, it was brought to America by Italian immigrants, where it made a complete boom and gained global popularity which holds on to this day. It is apparent that pizza became a part of the popular culture, and […]