Puzzle adventure game Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS

Figment: Journey Into the Mind, the latest release from indie studio Bedtime Digital Games, is a conceptual puzzle adventure game that explores concepts of fears, fortitude, and the human psyche. Set in an appropriately imaginative representation of the human mind, Figment places you in the role of Dusty, a mystical (and rather dispirited) creature. Formerly […]

Google PLay Black Friday

Black Friday has almost arrived and here are the Games on Sale on Google Play

Black Friday is officially tomorrow, on October 29th, but discounts and deals have been raging on for over a week now. Several online video game stores offer some tempting discounts, some going as far as -90% even. However, sticking to mobile games, we checked out the Google Play store and here is what you can […]

Football Manager 2020 Mobile Review

Football Manager 2020 Mobile release date was on November 19, 2019, and the game is already growing its player base like crazy. Also dubbed FM20, this title brings the freshest player database with teams from all walks of the world football scene, but it also enhances the entire experience with some in-depth coaching features. However, […]