Battlefield V Review

Battlefield V – The Best Battlefield so far?

With so many iterations in the popular Battlefield franchise, Battlefield V sure had big shoes to fill. Not just any kind of shoes, either, but a pair of heavy, extra sturdy tactical boots used only in the harshest combat situations. And although some of you perhaps expected it to fail in this endeavor (especially since […]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough Year 5 Chapter 8

Walkthrough for Year 5, Chapter 8 is here!

Hello everyone, the Walkthrough for Chapter Eight of Year Five of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is here! In this chapter, you will head to detention once again. You’ll use this opportunity to ask Jae if he is familiar with Mundungus Fletcher. Since Jae frequents Knockturn Alley more than anyone else you know, it is only […]

Fallout 76 the fallout of the franchise

Fallout 76: the fallout of the franchise

Bethesda studio has a certain reputation among gamers, which is not very favorable. Basically, in order to meet deadlines, they are making half-baked games and then they let the combined efforts of their programmers and modding scene to patch up and finish the work on them. And the public in most cases tolerates that kind […]

Love Story Games: Amnesia Review

Love Story Games: Amnesia – A Tale of Lost Memories and Found Love

I have to admit, that after Florence, I didn’t think any other game can strike that emotional cord that I only reserve for sappy movies and books. A team from Webelinx, a large mobile development company has recognized that there is a market for interactive love story games and thus from late 2016 they created […]