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Age of Magic – One of the Best Mobile RPGs

age of magic review

Sometimes it’s simply hard to believe that games for mobile devices can really look great even in gameplay. That’s the same as disbelief that some new games for PC look like they were made in the previous century (not gonna pull names here, tho, I’m just sayin’).    However, Age of Magic by Playkot is […]

Fallout 76 Beta Date is out

fallout 76

You know that very special moment in Fallout games when you’re going about your own business, and then your Pip-Boy suddenly triggers, receiving some signal that turns the course of your adventures in completely different direction – leading you to something exciting, dangerous but almost certainly extremely rewarding? Well, something similar happened when Bethesda revealed […]

Create your dream home in My Home – Design Dreams

There is something gratifying about spending fictional money on things you usually only dream of. Hence, My Home – Design Dreams for the title for the new game from Zentertain studio which makes a lot of different apps from Torch – Flashlight to entertaining ones like Yummy Cubes.   Unfortunately, My Home – Design Dreams […]

Battleheart 2: Your Land Needs You

In 2011, Mika Mobile developed an RPG video game Battleheart which received positive reviews with Metacritic giving it 81 out of 100 rating. Three years later, they released Battleheart Legacy, and four years after that we finally have a real sequel simply called Battleheart 2.   Since Battleheart Legacy was, frankly, a flop, the fans have […]