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Puzzle adventure game Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS


Figment: Journey Into the Mind, the latest release from indie studio Bedtime Digital Games, is a conceptual puzzle adventure game that explores concepts of fears, fortitude, and the human psyche. Set in an appropriately imaginative representation of the human mind, Figment places you in the role of Dusty, a mystical (and rather dispirited) creature. Formerly […]

Black Desert Mobile launches on December 11th

Black Desert Mobile

Following a successful soft launch run in 7 different territories, Black Desert Mobile, the long-awaited free to play MMO from developer Pearl Abyss, is finally set to launch worldwide on December 11th. Fans of the original PC and console version will need no introduction to the game, having already enjoyed the sprawling open world, magnificent […]

Is Racing Game Good For Learning How To Drive?

Racing Wallpaper

For anyone who’s a fan of cars, it’s a dream come true to earn a driver’s license just by playing video games. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on where you live, you do need to file forms, get proper documents, and even get certification from a driving school. However, just because racing games […]

Mobile Gaming: Will Indie Game Developers Thrive in 2020?

Firewatch indie game

Is there a future for indie game developers to succeed? For some time now, there’s been speculation around there still being a place for indie developers to thrive with large studios further entering mobile. It’s an interesting topic as big brand titles like Gundam Battles, Pokemon Masters and Arena of Valor are competing head to […]

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac is available now to download for free

Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac

Back in the 1980s, Saint Seiya was all the rage amongst shonen manga enthusiasts. The story focused on a dynamic team of young heroes, called Saints, caught up in a battle with Olympian gods. Its huge popularity led to a whole host of anime, film and game adaptations that continue to this day (Saint Seiya […]

Pre-registration for League of Wonderland is open

League of Wonderlands Pre-registration Open

League of Wonderland just opened its doors for pre-registration, as SEGA announced that the game is coming in September. It is a real-time strategy mobile game for both Android and iOS, which is a successor to the WONDERLAND WARS arcade game, which SEGA released in 2015, in Japan. The stage for League of Wonderland is […]

Those Who Remain is arriving soon

Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain video game by Wired Productions is an upcoming psychological horror game that will premier at the Gamescom 2019 on the publisher’s panel. As part of their line-up, this game will be unveiled at the event and since then it will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This […]

The cheapest PvP build in OSRS


PvP is a staple feature in most MMO’s. It allows the players to compete against each other for the prestige of various rewards as well as high rankings. Part of it is bragging rights, but there’s something a little intoxicating about seeing how your gear fares with other players. At any rate, in OSRS, even […]

What is the bestselling Pokémon game?

Pokemon by Game Freak Inc.

Pokémon as we all know, rates up there as one of the best selling game franchises ever developed. Only one other game series has been successful in beating it and that is the Mario series. Mario series which was made up of Super Mario, Mario Kart and so much more, has sold an estimated over […]