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Top 7 Online Mobile Gaming Experiences

There are thousands of games available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Thanks to the advancements of technology, people can now enjoy real-time multiplayer games with their friends and even compete with world-class players on international levels. So, if you are looking for some interesting online games, then you have come to the […]

redmagic 5g

Nubia Red Magic 5G: 144 Hz, 5G display and fan cooling to face the gamer audience

There are several specialized mobile gaming brands, but two of the best known are Black Shark and Nubia. Black Shark recently unveiled its Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro and now it is Nubia that returns to the fray with the Nubia Red Magic 5G. It is a high-end device that seeks to attack the niche of gamers with three weapons: screen, processor and cooling.

The 10 Best Mobile Games That Work Better on Tablets

The 10 Best Mobile Games That Work Better on Tablets

Portable gaming has been around for years. However, with the rise of smartphones, its reach has increased hundredfold. Though smartphone sounds like a reasonable choice for gaming, we can’t deny that tablets do have their own charm and advantages. If this sounds like you, chances are you already own a gaming tablet. Now the next […]

FireBoy and WaterGirl Android

FireBoy and WaterGirl Android: fun and engaging game for your children

FireBoy and WaterGirl is excitingly addictive game for Android users. It’s loved by children all over the world!  Players take on cute roles of FireBoy and WaterGirl that have to act carefully and quickly together to get through dangerous obstacles and traps. Let’s talk about how to control FireBoy and WaterGirl: First, to make FireBoy […]


Puzzle adventure game Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS

Figment: Journey Into the Mind, the latest release from indie studio Bedtime Digital Games, is a conceptual puzzle adventure game that explores concepts of fears, fortitude, and the human psyche. Set in an appropriately imaginative representation of the human mind, Figment places you in the role of Dusty, a mystical (and rather dispirited) creature. Formerly […]

Racing Wallpaper

Is Racing Game Good For Learning How To Drive?

For anyone who’s a fan of cars, it’s a dream come true to earn a driver’s license just by playing video games. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on where you live, you do need to file forms, get proper documents, and even get certification from a driving school. However, just because racing games […]

Firewatch indie game

Mobile Gaming: Will Indie Game Developers Thrive in 2020?

Is there a future for indie game developers to succeed? For some time now, there’s been speculation around there still being a place for indie developers to thrive with large studios further entering mobile. It’s an interesting topic as big brand titles like Gundam Battles, Pokemon Masters and Arena of Valor are competing head to […]

Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac is available now to download for free

Back in the 1980s, Saint Seiya was all the rage amongst shonen manga enthusiasts. The story focused on a dynamic team of young heroes, called Saints, caught up in a battle with Olympian gods. Its huge popularity led to a whole host of anime, film and game adaptations that continue to this day (Saint Seiya […]

League of Wonderlands Pre-registration Open

Pre-registration for League of Wonderland is open

League of Wonderland just opened its doors for pre-registration, as SEGA announced that the game is coming in September. It is a real-time strategy mobile game for both Android and iOS, which is a successor to the WONDERLAND WARS arcade game, which SEGA released in 2015, in Japan. The stage for League of Wonderland is […]