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CB – Patch Update 17.12.2018


This patch brought us some card re-balancing changes and also a small change in mana cost for castle upgrade.

Castle Burn Castle

Castle Tier 2 Upgrade cost reduced from 150 to 125 Mana. Upgrade to Tier 3 still costs 150 mana

Well, as expected, the previous update led to the most matches being fought with Tier 1 units and this is a welcoming attempt to remedy this.

Castle burn Units

– Attack Speed reduced by 20%.

– Movement speed has been increased by 11%

– Troll Slinger now has ~30% less DPS than Archer

Well, I really don’t get this change, some slight nerf to the damage and increase in speed/HP might be ok, but 20% is too harsh. This card was good in Tier 1 battles but it was immediately countered in Tier 2 with air units that exploit its greatest weakness (inability to attack air). With that being said, now there isn’t any reason to use Troll Slingers when archers can do the same job and also attack air. My guess is that Cat Mage card is the next one to be nerfed as now it’s the only tier 1 ranged card unit that won’t instantly die to a bomb/poison cloud while still having decent damage – and the AoE attack that can target air units.

Castle Burn Unit Icon

– Deployment Time increased from 1 second to 2 seconds

– Explosion Range increased from 2.5 to 3.

There was an increase in popularity of a Bomber Mouse since the previous update, and for a good reason. In battles with mostly Tier 1 units, you could take out a large group of enemies with just 2-3 mice, which have a very low Mana cost.

Castle Burn Hero GruvoGruvo

– Thunder Strike damage coefficient has been increased from 1.5 to 1.7

– During same level matches, Thunder Strike was not able to kill Troll Slingers. After the patch, it can kill Troll Slingers which are 1 level higher, with Tier 1 Thunder Strike.

Buff to Gruvo seems ok as he wasn’t one of the most used heroes. However, this is a significant increase in damage so it might be a bit too much. Also, Gruvo is very good in Tier 1 battles where he can catch a lot of units in the AoE of his Thunder Strike special ability, so now we’ll probably see him more often on the battlefield. The only concerning thing about this change is the reason behind it. It looks (to me) that the main reason for Thunder Strike buff is to make it able to insta-kill Troll Slingers and, if my prediction is correct, it won’t matter that much because they (Troll Slingers) will probably become one of the most underused units since now they can’t do anything useful – well except moving very quickly.

Castle Burn Units

– Mana looted per attack on a Mana Sanctum reduced from 10 to 8

Well, right before the beta testing Goblin Marauders attack speed was nerfed. Now, reducing the Mana gain from 10 to 8 might be a good idea because they really worked well on some maps. I’m really not sure about this we’ll just have to wait and see.