Chaos Fighters 3 Review


Chaos Fighters 3 RPG round battle game by More2Games is popular in China and was recently released worldwide. Chaos Fighters 3 guides and similar sites already sprung up in the growing community while the game itself is free and thus automatically attracts a certain level of players. While the game itself doesn’t look impressive at first glance, we delved a bit into it to check what it is all about.

chaos fighters 3

Chaos Fighters 3 android is the only version available for mobile device users as of March 2019, while the game itself is a part of the Chaos Fighters franchise. The first two installations are immensely popular precisely because of their easy gameplay style and a well worked out progression system, which is included and possibly improved here, as we shall see in a bit.

ChaosFighters3 Google Play score is 4.7-stars with almost 3k votes and counting, as of March 2019. The game was released for android relatively soon, hence the small vote count, but it is presentable no doubt. The game does have over one hundred thousand installs for now.

chaos fighters 3

The basic Chaos Fighters 3 features include:

  • ACG Battles – Automatic combat system with highly customizable fighters and different combinations of abilities, which will make each player unique in his/her own right
  • Expanded skill trees – there are over forty skills and ten major skill trees which can be matched to create a unique combat system suitable for any player
  • Social aspect – is very much alive and booming in this game, as communication is made easy by the game’s interface. You can chat real time, coordinate efforts with allies, and share your content easily
  • Well balanced PvP system – there are several gameplay modes which pit player versus player in this ChaosFighter3 installation, and plenty of other stuff to do to get stronger and better than everyone else
  • Things made easy – Chaos Fighter 3 builds, leveling, and autoplay will undoubtedly be loved by all serious players and people who look to progress further into the meta-game stage

Chaos Fighters 3 Facebook, developer, and publisher

You can check out Chaos Fighters 3 Facebook page here. The game is offered by More2Games, but it was actually developed by Xiamen Magic Rabbit Network Technology Co. LTD. The Chinese company is counted in the top 100 Chinese companies in the world. It was founded in 2012 and it is located at Xiamen City, China, the province of Fujian.

More2Games is still quite young and new developer of Android apps and games to the western market, and it represents the Xiamen developer on this side of the globe. In fact, ChaosFighter3 Android is More2Games’ only entry at the Google Play so far.

chaos fighters 3


The player begins as a spirit, freshly woken up into the Holy Grails of Fight. You quickly find out that the world is engulfed in a Chaos Holy War. Your guide, Sonia the Judge of the holy war, introduces you to your role in the war. Apparently, ever one hundred years the Grail picks a warrior spirit to participate in the holy war, and you are it this year. The winner of the war will get the Holy Grail of Fighter. It can grant any wishes and your wish can be to go back to being alive, apparently.

Chaos Fighter 3 Gameplay

In the beginning, you are to select your fighter among six champions, or rather classes. The classes offered are:

  • Shadowless – An agile and fast character who is good at controlling the enemy and using his skills and abilities more often
  • Arn Tempelriddaren – A classical warrior, with armor and a sword. It grows in strength as he levels up and has a stable attack frequency with decent damage output, paired with decent survivability
  • Cute Colonel – this is a survival character, with good endurance and high Health Point score, built to survive and withstand punishment
  • Little Magic Girl – Is a fast character, which deals with stable magic damage, has frequent attacks, decent agility, good survivability, and grows good with level
  • Monk – counters damage and have good strength and endurance. They have high damage and can counter opponents easily
  • Frost Wolf Chief – is a particularly balanced character, with nice strength, endurance, agility, and everything average. But, this way it does not have any particular weak spots.

chaos fighters 3

Chaos Fighter Combat, Equipment, and Leveling

The combat is done automatically, meaning you just select the mode and your character will act based on its role and the skills you’ve selected for him/her. The best part is that you can set it to play and farm even when you are not playing the game. The weapons are all upgradable as is your character.


The appearance of the game is somewhat unattractive. The atmosphere is nothing special, and the gameplay is quite easy and doesn’t inspire addictiveness. The auto-play option may prove a good thing and the progression system does have some allure, but other than that not much we can say about Chaos Fighters 3.

5.3 Fair
  • Graphics 5
  • Atmosphere 6
  • Gameplay 5
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 5.8