Chaos Reborn: Adventures – Tips and Tricks

Chaos Reborn: Adventures – Tips and Tricks

So, you’ve read our Review of Chaos Reborn: Adventures, and want to get in on the action? Ready to be the very best, like no one ever was (oops, wrong franchise)? If so, read on and you just might learn a useful thing or two.

First of all, remember your Star Wars prequels and – always take the high ground. This is a serious advantage that will boost both your attack and defense. Speaking of attack, always keep in mind that your main method of attack, spells, have an alignment (they can be lawful, neutral or chaotic) and that in the world of “Chaos Reborn: Adventures” the spellcasting changes the balance of the entire world. What this means for you as a player is that you can change the world around you and improve the odds of your big spell succeeding if you start preparing the battlefield by casting lesser spells with the same alignment first.

Perhaps the most important spell in your arsenal is the Illusion spell, as the creature summoned by illusion has the same stats as its real counterpart, with the added bonus of a 100 percent success rate to their attack… That is unless your opponent figures out that things are going a bit too well for your creature on the battlefield, in which case they can counter your spell with a Disbelieve spell, destroying your Illusionary creature on the spot.

Chaos Reborn Adventures

You can’t cast any spells unless you’ve got mana, right? It is being slowly refilled as the time passes, but if that is not fast enough for you, you can burn as many cards as you want from your hand and get mana in return. Your third option would be making your way to the places on the map where mana can be replenished quickly and at no cost. But, beware, as these are also perfect spots for setting up an ambush for a mana hungry wizard such as you.

Each wizard has one mega spell at their disposal, and those are extremely powerful, game-changing spells (like, say, a spell that summons an entire pride of lions). You can cast the Mega spell as many times as you want, or rather, as many times as you can afford it since its cost raises every time you use the spell.

You are also awarded mana when you defeat one of your opponents, which means everyone on the battlefield is literarily out to get your head, That is why, if direct combat is not your strong side, you could also choose to beef up your armor and work on your long-range defense spells.

Lastly, when building your deck, keep in mind that you’ll be starting each game with a different set of spells, so don’t rely on a single tactic that would bring you to victory each time you play. If you get stuck, remember that during any moment you can bring up the game’s rules at any point during the game.

Good luck, have fun, and may the best wizard win!