Chess Rush Review


Chess Rush now rushes in on the Auto Chess bandwagon, as the genre keeps growing on a daily basis. With what is essentially chess, these games have found a way how to fuse together new gaming elements of our modern era with the first game ever, chess, and the Chinese genius invention called Mahjong. The gaming method now seems perfect and very well balanced, but each of these new titles brings something of their own to the pot, and this game brought the following…

Development and reception

Developed by the Chinese gaming giant, Tencent Games, Chess Rush mobile game already gathered a massive number of players. On Google Play, it now surpassed 14 thousand votes and stands at 3.8 stars. On the iTunes App Store, the game also has 3.8 stars and is #33 in Card genre, though being in a card genre isn’t quite an accurate way to shelf this title. You can check the stats on whatoplay at any time.

If this is the first time you are hearing about it, Auto Chess genre sprung up in early 2019 from a mod players made in DOTA 2. It is focused on strategy and battle preparation, with the battle being played on a chess 8×8 field and without the players’ direct control. You just set up your figures, or heroes, or whatever the game calls it and watch ‘em go. Now, the element of preparation here actually gives an incredible array of gaming possibilities, as you upgrade units and, more importantly, pair up units to get certain bonuses. This last bit is at the center of this gaming mechanic, and here is how Chess Rush uses it…


It starts off quite familiar to all who tried DOTA Underlords. You have an 8 by 8 square field and you are managing your team. You can choose from a pool of randomly generated units that all cost resources based on their tier. Tiers go from 1 to 5, so far so obvious. Now, what Chess Rush changes compared to the other titles of the genre is that it cuts down on the time needed to play largely.

The game still uses a series of short matches to decide the victor, you still have the main Health Pool as a player and take or deal damage based on the units that are left standing in a single game, but the matches and the mini-matches are much faster and the game does live up to its adjective “Rush”. The units have their combinations, or Alliances, or team bonuses if you will, that are divided into racial and class bonuses and they are as follows:

Racial bonuses:

Humans – having two humans on the board restores 5 mana every second for the team, four give an additional 25% chance to reset the ability cooldown and restore 100 mana after casting an ability, six give 50% chance for the same effect

Beast – two beasts give all +10% to attack damage, four give a 40% chance to summon a pet at the beginning of the battle, six increase this to 60%

Furry – two furry units get 800 HP shield, four gain a 2000 shield

Undead – two undead reduce enemy armor by 20, four reduce it by 50

Oceanborn – two oceanborn increase magic resistance for all by 20, four give a random ally ability immunity

Dragon – two Dragon units restore 30 mana instantly at the beginning of the battle to their unit type, three dragons restore 100

Elf – three elves give all 25% dodge chance, six raise this to 44%

Cyborg – three cyborg units give a random unit 75 to armor and 30 HP regeneration, six cyborgs gain all 75 to armor and 30 HP regeneration

Goblin – two goblins get +35% to attack speed, four give this to all units

Demon – only one demon on the board gets +40% to attack damage and their targets get a debuff and take +10% attack damage from all sources for 5 seconds

Void – two voids give a random ally +50% to max HP

Jelly – jelly can be combined with any other hero to upgrade their star rank

Class bonuses:

Warrior – 3 warriors all get 40 to armor, six get 100

Sorcerer – 3 sorcerers reduce enemy magic resistance by 30, six reduce it by 60

Hunter – 3 hunters give all units +25% to attack damage, six give +60%

Engineers – 3 engineers give all your units 45 HP regeneration, six raise this to 120

Punisher – 1 punisher is treated as an enemy demon, two get their demon bonuses and retain the 1st bonus, and four give a 35% cleave to all melee units

Assassin – 3 assassins become invisible at the start and have a +250% bonus on the first strike and can become invisible again with a 10% chance, six raise this chance to 30%

Rider – two riders have 25% chance for 150 armor and 60% magic resistance for all units, four have 45%, six have 65%

Warlock – two warlocks give all units 15% life steal, four give 25%

Druid – two identical druids with the same star can be combined into a two-star druid, and give allies mana upon death

So this is how things currently stand in team bonuses for Chess Rush, as of July 2019. The game is undoubtedly to go through some changes and tweaks. At first glance, if you are a player of these types of games, you may feel the alliance bonuses are a bit too powerful but this is a factor in making these games quicker and more fast-paced. Another factor is a strong unit or hero abilities and attack damage, and the third is quick leveling.

Graphics and appearance

Chess Rush model and animation style are all Asian obviously. The units are all rendered well but the models are somewhat more robust than, say, DOTA Underlords. This does reduce appearance impression a bit, but also reduces the game’s requirements and makes it run much faster. This is arguably a good trade-off, because now a much wider pool of mobile devices can run it.


Factoring in its fast pace, quick fun, overpowered team alliance bonuses, and units, Chess Rush mobile game is a lot of fun. It certainly isn’t as serious as other games in this genre, in terms of balance and utilizing skill, but it does provide a certain amount of reward, while at the same time doesn’t take up too much time off your hands. If a lighter version of these kinds of games was what you were looking for, then give this one a try. It will certainly entertain you well!

8.0 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 9
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 6.7