If you’ve been following our site the past couple of months, you probably know about Children of Lir, an exciting new mobile RPG based in Celtic lore that is currently in development. We’ve talked about it on several occasions, and have published an exclusive interview with the folks at Esoter, the development studio behind this indie project. If you’ve been around, you also know there is a Kickstarter campaign going on for Children of Lir, and if the game sounds interesting (it should!) you can go and help make it happen!

As with any Kickstarter project, pledges gain sweet rewards for their participation, with the most enticing ones being reserved for the highest pledge tiers. In the Children of Lir campaign, the rewards are divided into 2 main categories, digital and physical. Most low tier pledges (below the $56 threshold) will be getting digital rewards, including a personal thank you note, HD wallpapers for both PC and mobile devices, as well as regular updates about the game’s completion. These are the base for all tier rewards – no matter how much you participate with, you’ll be getting these. Starting from $15 upwards, backers will receive a digital copy of the game, and those who pledge $20 or more will receive “early bird” access to the game, as well as digital Children of Lir posters. $36 is the highest you can donate without crossing into “physical rewards” territory, and if you do you’ll receive all of the previously mentioned digital goodies, as well as a digital Character Development Book. If the second stretch goal is met, this Character Development Book can grow into a full comic book based in the Children of Lir universe.

Now, we’re moving into the really interesting levels – the physical rewards category. From $56 and higher, pledges can expect palpable rewards they can wear, hang on their wall or proudly display on their shelves! The personalized poster is the first physical reward up for grabs, with those pledging $80 or higher getting Children of Lir T-shirts (multiple T-shirts for those who back the campaign with $200, $350 or $3500). Upwards of $130, you’ll also receive Children of Lir caps and 3D printed hand-painted figurines of characters from the game (more than one if you pledge the highest tiers).

The two highest tiers, King of Lir (tier 11) and Cernunnos (tier 12) that cost $300 and $3500 respectively, are where it gets truly awesome! These rewards are limited to two backers, so if you want to get one of these make sure to pledge before someone beats you to the punch! Tier 11 backers will get everything aforementioned, as well as a chance to visit the developers behind the game in their hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia. All expenses for this trip will be covered, except for the plane ticket. These King of Lir backers will also receive a custom, 3D printed, hand painted and framed game character with a special dedication from the folks at Esoter, and even a chance to influence the story of the game itself, becoming an enemy inside the game. How awesome! And, lastly, the horned god Cernunnos tier backers will receive everything the King of Lir pledges do, as well as a hardcover character development book, a customized Children of Lir USB flash drive, a framed personal poster, a carved gift box, at least 10 digital copies of the game, 5 T-shirts and caps, and every one of the 3D printed figurines. To top it all off, their travel expenses to Novi Sad will also be covered!

Well, there you have it! Some amazing rewards await those most eager to see Children of Lir hit the screens! If you’re among them, make sure to visit the Kickstarter page of the campaign and make a contribution – anything helps!