Subnautica Claim for Free

Claim Subnautica for Free

Well, the Christmas has started early for some games, that’s for sure. From December 14 – 27, Subnautica will be the first free game Epic Games will feature through its online store. The store has announced it will be featuring one free game every two weeks so, after Subnautica, players will be able to get Super Meat Boy from December 28 – January 10.

Subnautica is a survival adventure game with open world released in 2014 for Microsoft Windows, 2015 Mac OS X and Xbox One in 2016. However, these were all early accesses and the full release of the game happened at the beginning of 2018 for PC and end of the same year for Xbox and PlayStation 4.

The game takes place in the future when humankind has started colonizing planets. A ship named Aurora embarks on a mission to scan a planet where a decade ago another vessel crash-landed. But during the scanning, something pulls Aurora towards the planet and the ship crashes on the surface as well. Afterward, it all turns into a looking for scattered crew, helping allies get to you, dealing with remnants of an ancient Precursor Race which lived here and dangerous Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

Subnautica Free to Play

The players control the only survivor of Aurora and they have to explore the planet in order to find a way to deactivate the Quarantine Enforcement Platform which prevents them from leaving. Subnautica actually has support for VR headset so you can experience the game up close and personal for added enjoyment.

The game already has two awards for the PC Game of the Year and Breakthrough Award at the Golden Joystick Awards where it also had nominations in the three more categories. Subnautica received positive reviews especially on Steam during early access and after the full release of the game. PC Gamer went as far as to call Subnautica an “underwater Minecraft” and praise its mechanism that provides such exciting survival elements.

So, head over to the Epic Games Store and claim a copy for yourself and starting from today you will have two weeks to join the journey of Aurora’s survivor.