Epic Store Giveaway

Claim your Alan Wake and For Honor free before Friday

It’s here, it’s real, it’s FREE! You can claim both Alan Wake and For Honor completely for free until Friday, 9th August! This is surely a welcoming gesture from the Epic Store. Both of these games are definitely worth checking out, so you might want to claim them before Friday.

Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller which was developed by Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish video game developer based in Espoo. In this game, players are put into the shoes of Alan Wake, the bestselling thriller novelist who is trying to find his missing wife, who disappeared during a vacation in a town called Bright Falls. The story is told in episodic fashion, similar to thriller television series, and it consists of six episodes, each containing plot twists and cliffhangers. One thing’s for sure, after each episode, you’ll be eager to find out what will happen in the next. Generally, Alan Wake received praises after release, and most critics gave it positive review scores, so unless you already own this game, you might want to give it a try now that it’s free. 

For Honor is an action video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal in 2017. It is set in medieval fantasy setting. Players can choose to play as a character from three different factions – The Iron Legion (faction representing medieval Knights), Warborn (a Viking faction), or The Dawn Empire (Samurai faction). All of the heroes are unique in a way, and possess a different set of skills, weapons, and playstyle. The game features both a single-player campaign and the multiplayer modes. It was generally praised by the critics and reviewers, which should further encourage the players to try it out, especially now that they can get it for free.

It’s also worth mentioning that both of these games will come out in their standard editions, which means you’ll get the base versions for free, but any DLC will not be included, so you’ll have to purchase those separately if you want to play that content.