Command & Conquer: Rivals – The Game No One Asked For

Command & Conquer used to be one of the powerhouses of strategy games with the franchise being one of the most renowned in the RTS genre if you have not heard of The C&C series you probably have not even looked at an RTS game. We haven’t heard much of the game series in quite a long time, most people just expected it to be dead in the water, something that EA threw away and stopped thinking about.

Well, we were wrong.

EA Decided to revive the series, and the way they did it wasn’t for the best, Command & Conquer is back on mobile, the game was rather negatively received for good reasons. If you are going to revive an RTS giant that is known for its strategy and fairness, where you can’t buy your way to success but have to earn it by playing better than your opponent you might not want to do so in a mobile game with loot boxes and microtransactions.

We have seen that EA hasn’t really regarded criticism too well, with the Star Wars Battlefront lootbox fiasco and now this, it isn’t surprising that the gaming community isn’t really satisfied with the games behemoth in recent time.

However, even with all the negative EA practices, the gameplay does look interesting, with the game showing something unique to the strategy genre on mobile. Hopefully, this game will provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment after winning a battle.

The game is a 1v1 experience, and your job is to control most of the map, a bar with the missile fills up during that time, if you end up controlling the majority of the control points when the missile is fully filled up you take half the health off the enemy base, meaning that you need two rockets to secure the win.

To control the map, you need to create units that cost crystals which appear over time or you can harvest them with your units.

The showmatch between iNcontroL, a former StarCraft 2 pro, and nickatnyte, a popular mobile game YouTuber was done to demonstrate how the game works

The microtransactions are what you would expect from a F2P strategy game on mobile, you can get better stuff and upgrade your units by spending money, which is fine if the game matchmaking is good enough to keep you playing against people who are of the similar rank.

Without a doubt, most of us are extremely disappointed that Command & Conquer: Rivals isn’t what we expected, however, that doesn’t mean that it might not actually be a fun casual experience on the mobile.

For now, you can pre-register for Command & Conquer: Rivals through the official website –